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....I just really wanted to draw this and valentine's day was the perfect excuse. My boys Caleb and Simon.

Been watching a Deadly Premonition lets play and I think I love this game

I'm enjoying writing & thinking about my OCs so much lately, feels like a blessing. One good thing comes out of not wanting to involve myself with fandoms lately at least

You know he's a keeper when he knows exactly what you need on a bad day ♥

When you post art here, do you leave the link that pops up or can you remove it

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Here are two of my ocs, Simon and Caleb! They're the main stars of a comic project I'm currently developing. (working title is Dreamboy.)

Caleb is gonna get his own ref sheet as soon as I have time and energy for it hehe 💖

I've had a mastodon account for some time, but now that people are starting to use it properly I'm gonna look into it a bit more!

I have work to do today but I'll be posting some art later today 🙌


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