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I now have a ! I hope to add more rewards down the road, but my favorite part is being able to interact a bit more with you guys.

Do you like Zelda? Do you like creating things related to Zelda? Do you like bad guys?? Then why not join the Faces of Evil zine!

We even have a discord you can join!

Come join the club!

Had a brainfart and forgot to tell you guys I was streaming on twitch! It was still a good stream and I worked on some Pokemon stuff.

Also recommend watching the first 30 min of the stream if you're a huge fan of sketchbook tours.

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Day 2 of ! I was so glad that people knew Myrrh from ! I was so happy to let others see a character that's rarely cosplayed.

Also shout out to my mom for taking a pic of me blinking.

Day 1 of the convention and it was fun! Our group cosplay was an success. Shoutout to my Kid and Liz who were great partners.

Doodled a small handful of old Sonic fan characters this stream because it's been really fun lately to draw them!

is finished! I was able to make 10 whole mermaid pieces throughout the month, and frankly I'm proud of myself! I know many others like myself struggle to do a whole 31 days, so anything done is an accomplishment.

Drew one of my favorite video game duos, Sonic and Megaman!

# sonicthehedgehog

Stream is done! Made a space mermaid approaching a planet. I think she's becoming a yearly addition to

Psyche! That last mermaid is actually the queen and this is the adorable princess.

Another done for

This one is inspired by from the series. They hold a special place in my heart so I thought it would be a nice way to honor them.

Sketched out another at 1am this morning. Gonna work on finishing it along with the other sketch I made. My is severely lacking.

Started on the next Mermay pic. I know I'm not drawing one everyday, but I still try my best to participate in some way.

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