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Just for fun I put on my blonde wig with my Link cosplay to see what it looked like. Also sort of celebrating the fact Link's Awakening remake was released today!!

Already made some Tiktoks with him but they have the usual pink wig. I just love the look to much to give it up. Pink haired Link forever.

And done! Finally worked on my notepads that I've had forever.

I will be eventually selling these in my Storenvy so look out!

Commission I finished a couple of days ago! I'm pretty happy with this piece. =)

You can commission me as well, and right now chibi commissions are 50% off.

Remember my chibi Zelda series I started?

They are great examples of what my chibi commissions will be, and those commissions are only $15 right now!

If you're interested message me here or at

Working on a commission! I honestly enjoy drawing for people.

You can commission me too, and right now chibi commissions are 50% off! Feel free to message me here or at

Semi-emergency commissions! Need some funds to hold me over until I start my next job in late October. If you can't commission me yourself, please consider sharing!

Working on this month's wallpaper for my patreon!

If you want desktop and mobile wallpapers every month, donate $5 to my Patreon.

Stream is over! I know it was a short stream today but I had accomplished what I wanted to.

Join me next Saturday, same time (6pm EST)!

Some progress pics of my piece for Pokemon NPC Zine ! I'm happy to have finally complete it though and can't wait to see everyone's submissions together!

Sneaky peek at my piece for Pokemonnpczine

Been slightly delaying in working on it since perspective is a butt, but I'm really happy with this concept!!

Gonna be streaming in about 5 minutes! Feeling a little sick so sorry if I don't have much pep as I usually do.

Watch it at

Hey, Just to let everyone I'm moving My stream to tomorrow night! Been helping my sis Move into her college dorm.

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