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Getting ready for

The plan is to do Linktober then switch over to the classic 100 Theme Challenge. I want to get back into working on art everyday even just a little bit. Hope y'all are ready!

Been Been adding some exclusive content over on my ko-fi. Includes some exclusive wallpapers and behind the scenes.

If not interested in that, I offer commissions and adoptables on there too!

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Got hit with another bill that was caused by the snowball effect of 2020's health issues. I would appreciate at least a boost. I do Commissions, have art stores and adoptables, and even exclusive content for memberships on ko-fi. Any help is welcomed.

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Created this for my Bullet Journal for the month of September! I think he came out pretty nice for a doodle from my phone.

I finished the last of the temples! I will be working on getting this piece up on my redbubble. And keep an eye out for a zine featuring these guys and some goodies. 👀

Been working on a cosplay for a spooky Zelda collaboration. Prop pretty much done. Keep an eye out.

I've been getting into having a bullet journal in order to help me organize and remember things better. I have made September Zelda themed and it looks so nice!

I've updated my ko-fi! Now you can get art commissions from me, adoptales, or exclusive tiered content!

There is all kinds of ways to support me, so please check it all out!

Couple of weeks ago was finally able to put on my cosplay, Farore. Actually got some pictures out of it.

There are a few improvements I'm going to add, but I'm pretty happy with how cute she turned out!

A bit ago I had made my own version of the Triforce Trio. It had been awhile since I drew them, so made some updates and here they are!

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