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Commisson masterpost!
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💮 Artists and Clients:

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💮 General terms of service (in case you contact me here or via my homepage):

Boosts and support are appreciated!

Alright, the second and third prize for @MmeLibertine and @feather_sword are done! The first prize still is work in progress.

Working on the giveaways! Somehow I am more patient with details when drawing and painting commissions or general stuff for other people. 😶


A bit late, because RL can be a b*tch! But here they are, the winners of my raffle!

1️⃣ st place is @dona ! Congratulations!
2️⃣ nd place is @MmeLibertine
3️⃣ rd place is @feather_sword

And thank you for your participation! I will contact the winners now to ask for what they wish me to draw and paint!

💮 Reminder! 💮

Only a little less than 1 day left to join my raffle! Participation time ends on 19:00 CET, winners are announced at ~20:00 CET.

Hey artsy people! 3 days to go before the May #dailysketchchallenge.
Prepare yourself!
if you got any topic idea,feel free to DM me.
And remember! it's not about pulling amazing pieces of art every day; it's about practicing, sharing, enjoying.

I am female, I am binary, I am straight, I play male characters in Roleplay. Deal with it.

You can do a little doodle or study in your sketchbook that takes about 5 minutes, sure... but don't rip your hair out or stress that you're not producing the Mona Lisa every day.

I've noticed a really toxic trend recently: if you're not drawing everyday, you're not being 'lazy'. The laundry still needs doing, you need to cook your dinner and wash the dishes. And of course, sleep. Don't sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of being more productive.

✨ Art raffle prizes!✨
There will be three winners that are chosen randomly among the participants (see previous toot for conditions).

1️⃣ st will get a fully colored portrait of a character they like (canon characters also allowed!)
2️⃣ nd will get a flat colored portrait
3️⃣ rd will get a lineart/sketch portrait

✨ Winners will be announced on April 30th, 20:00 CET✨

✨ Art raffle!✨
To celebrate and appreciate my followers I do a giveaway!
First, carefully read the conditions to get in: 👍
💮 You MUST be a follower (following only for free art will lead to a block though)
💮 Like and/or reblog this very toot to be in the raffle
💮 Make sure that I can contact you in case you are one of the winners
💮 My terms of service (see pinned toot in my profile) also count in the raffle, except the pricing ofc!

See next toot for prizes!

I got 7 new followers since my last post. 😂 Fascinating!

I appreciate every new follower. I have 20 so far here and I thought, if a raffle would be a good idea as soon as I reach 20 or 30 followers. Sure, on tumblr all those famous artists do raffles for 100 or 1000 or 10k followers, but why not appreciate the small numbers as well? What do you think?

My guildmembers requested their characters displayed like emojis of a meme. 😂 So I'm doing them rn.

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Just messed around a bit, nothing serious. x'D My Dunmer Hyadriil in a modern AU. ....kind of hot. >_>

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