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Just a reminder that I am open for ! I do sketches, speedpaints, fullcolour, busts, halfbody, fullbody... whatever you wish for your character(s). :D Just message me, if you're interested in a . You can find my pricelist (with examples) and ToS here:

Please retoot and support me, one poor artist out of billions. 😂

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Ok. I'm back. I had several RL-issues as I ghosted away from and I feel terribly sorry that I let my followers down. My life changed back than in May/June/July and I barely could paint or post. But the last few months everything settled. I even could do a lot of art, that I will post here. I apologize for ghosting from here. 🙇‍♀️

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Two bereavements within 2 weeks is just too much.

Had an artbreak, that finally is over. Also was tired of "social" media, so I went on a hiatus. Have a quick of my .

Did something completely different today. A quick study from a photograph. Millions of mistakes! xD Head too flat, proportions of the face are off and I should've chosen a different brush I think. Ah well.

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again for a while! Watch and follow me, as soon as I hit 50 followers and 10 viewers, there will be a raffle! \o/

Guess who figured out how to use rulers and make custom brushes in CSP. And guess who loves the style of DA:I tarot cards. :D My slave Yazzar as the hanged man tarot card. Beware: Male presenting nipples.

Aaaand .me finally launched as they promised! :D Find me there, another place to me or just follow my portfolio. :'D

Happy new year everyone! 🌈
I'm usually not drawing holiday themed pics, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to put Shar in a fancy party suit 😀

First thing I did in the new year: Relaunching my . :'D
Every support is appreciated and I'll strive to keep this patreon going this year.

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