Pour la fête de la musique nous aurons le plaisir de jouer à 21h devant la mairie de !

Les festivités commencent à 19h avec une dizaine de groupes et petite restauration sur place.

Retrouvez toutes les informations sur lambersart.fr/fete-de-la-musiq

Alors à demain !

Avis aux lillois⋅es ! Demain mardi 24 mai venez au de Daphné Swân (chanson française), et soyez à l'heure pour nous entendre en première partie !

C'est gratuit sur réservation via eventbrite.fr/e/billets-daphne

Rendez-vous 20h à l'Antre 2, 1 bis rue Georges Lefebvre à

Merci à la direction Culture de l'Université de Lille !

was great fun, many thanks to the organizers! 👍

We are proud to have reached the top 5, especially considering that there was so much good music! Congratulations to all participants! 👏
We're happy @iloth won, we really like the song "Se llama el fediverso", it's the hit of the summer!

Thank you to everybody who commented our song and/or voted for us! 🫶

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Oooo, nice funk groove opening "Make It Happen" from @Fadyalma and it just develops better as it goes. Jammin keyboard work. Almost an Ofra Haza thing with the vocals in the bridge. Iloth just got some serious competition. Oh, and that vocal at the end, sweeeet. #fedivision

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After due consideration, and considerable agonizing over the top four and listening to them a couple more times, my #fedivision scoring is as follows:
10 - LBIM Se Llama El Fediverso
8 - HDEC Unfuck This World
7 - RAIL - Rise
6 - FRFI Smiling There
5 - BAJO Specter
4 - ZAMO Wings Crossed
3 - KLIN Birthright
2 - COHV Venom in My Veins
1 - TAUS Die Magie der Tausand Lande

and the Beekeeper's 12 points go to

(four second pause)

FUNK Make It Happen by @Fadyalma

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#fedivision Make it happen 

I love the voice! Is it the 80ies again? I want to listen to this on a road trip!

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Fedivision 2022: Make It Happen 

Something about you:
We are a new duo witing intimate songs with mystical atmospheres. We are influenced by oriental music, soul, and trip-hop. But we decided to make an upbeat song for the contest!

What will you do with all the fame should you win?
Be as proud as our cats.

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Fedivision 2022: Make It Happen 

And here's a brief interview with the artist from the signup process:
Things you want to be known about your entry:
This song is about making a fresh start in life and having a positive impact.

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Fedivision 2022: Make It Happen 

The next fedivision entry is from Peaceful republic of funky people.

Song: Make It Happen
Artist: @Fadyalma

If you wish to vote for this song, mention this account and write:
vote funk

Inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest, Fedivision is an annual contest of musicians in the Fediverse. For this year we recorded and submitted a song called "Make It Happen." If you like it, send the message "vote FUNK" to @fedivision (before May 21st, 6 PM CEST)

You can listen to all the entries on fedivision.party/ . There are many good tracks, what a pleasure to be in this playlist!

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I am in my chair at work absolutely grooving to this #fedivision entry from @Fadyalma

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I think my favourite #fedivision entry so far is @Fadyalma 's "Make It Happen". To me it brings up quite a "Roller disco" vibe in my head. That being said @draco 's "Birthright" is a strong contender with a wonderfully Nightwishy feel. Yeah, my musical tastes are broad!

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this are my favs at #fedivision 2022: great songs ty for sharing💓
@Fadyalma Make It Happen
@stephan Rise
@TQ Specter
@kawaiipunk I Was Here (Now I Disappear)
@draco Birthright
perhaps i like female voices. But thats not all, just good songs.
#musicians #music
Voting will start on May 19th, 3 PM CEST.

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Fedivision impressions 

FRFI is not really my thing, but the song has radio qualities.

HOSH is good, I like it.

I'm torn about PLCW, it has a nice groove to it, but the vocal track is a bit too "indie" for my taste.

Speaking of groove: FUNK has it! 😍 Vocal track could be a bit more dominant, though.

TNOM scares me.

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Two really groovy numbers: The rocky-groovy song by @diane features heavy guitars, punchy bass, tight drums, and cool vocals. All works very well for me! Great entry! #fedivision

The song by @Fadyalma is more jazzy-groovy and funky! That bass line and the drums are perfectly complemented by keys, guitar and that stellar vocals. Kudos!

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So... I started listening to the #Fedivision2022 entries. The variance in production quality is crazy :-D

Currently my favourites are:

Make it Happen by @Fadyalma
Hentai Anime Business Lunch by @Herr_Samsa
Big Tech (is a criminal offense) by

But I have not yet listened to all #Fedivision entries!

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@Fadyalma BOP BOP BOP!! supergroovy, the organ is DELICIOUS, the vocals are so beautiful. *dances in the chair*

@ccbt23 dark rave is where it's at, my peeps. I love how chaotic and danceable this is.

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cool fedivision songs 

Make It Happen by @Fadyalma was fun and dancey and had lovely vocals.

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