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We're at 14 sign-ups for the fourth round of the ! - if you make music of any kind or genre and want to collaborate with an internet stranger, feel free to sign up:

:music_collab: 🎼 👾

You can listen to the finished songs of the past rounds here:

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I have written a #guide to help people who want to run their own fedi instance but don't know where to start. It covers the basics of networking, use of command line, Linux system administration, just enough to get you started.

So if you would like to run your own #Mastodon or #Pleroma instance but you find you don't know enough to follow the tutorials, then this guide is for you.

Comments welcome!

eylul boosted is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

... well that escalated quickly.

New phone bought after some emergency research and a VERY lucky discount caught at local electronics chain.

Turns out, the battery of the old phone was swollen. So lets update the survival expectancy to the end of the week. Now onto emergency data rescue and I can continue with my scheduled life. >.<

I'll miss the old phone. It was my main camera for shooting some of my favorite recent photos, but all good things come to an end. :)

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Reading reviews to buy a new smartphone is an exercise in pain. I don't care about the ai capabilities of the auto mode of the camera. I don't want the voice assistant.

Just tell me about manual mode and shutter speed cap and if it exposes the options correctly to open camera. (and yes I did look into the librem phone but I don't think my current phone will survive the end of February, much less April, the way it has been falling apart)

done, but still a ways to go...

oh and if those golds look 3-dimensional... Well.. the horror of leaky gold pen continues. At least nothing is digging a hole through the heavy paper at least. :D

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Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.


taking a break from deadlines. :)

still struggling with the new metallic and acrylic pens through. Its easy to destroy the paper or smear the ink

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Don't forget that the Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 - Call for Participation was pushed back to close in a couple of days on January 23!

Submit a talk and reserve a spot for an even more awesome meeting in Saarbrücken, Germany this year!

(ps: there will be quite a few folks from the community nerding out about photography!)

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #artwithopensource

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Backstage is the frontstage.
Upstage is downstage.

Istra National Theater.

(BTW the music from this piece is available on my or Kamizdat's Bandcamp )

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in a great end-of-the-year tradition, the nerds at darktable have a brand-spanking new 2.6 release now available!

congratulations darktable team on a fantastic release!

also, contributor Matthieu Moy has written up an extensive blog post detailing some of the awesome new features - give it a read as well:

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #darktable #raw #photography #artwithopensource

2018 has been a break from hectic previous years. No travel, quiet social media (have I really not posted a photograph in 2 months?)

Taught a full time class in using open sourced software (so many firsts right there), but mostly... much silence for revaluation after all the changes.

There is work to be done through, several large projects, several small ones.

Time to begin anew.

See you all on 2019. :)

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Hey friends! Here are some cool people to follow on this I can recommend each of these great people.

@charleskenny - Great writer about, and advocate for, animation

@Sori - friendly music maker and Linux/FOSS advocate

@eeldoodles - an enjoyable artist, and nice person

@noahbradley - Painter of fantasy landscapes; teacher of art. I've learned much from him.

@monarobot - a really unique artist!

@DaffyDaydreamer - such a sweet artist!

@eylul - FOSS advocate and artist!

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