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So it's been a year since I took over as admin of Mastodon•ART, and I wanted to take a moment to thank our amazing volunteer mods, past and present, for the amazing work that they've done for this community.

Thank you:


For all that you've done/do. I wouldn't have been able to facilitate this wonderful community without you.


All the best for you in the New Year, my lovely :mastoart:•ists! 💜

10 years, easy in words, a lifetime in practice. So many changes, so many losses, so many beginnings...

its been a tough yeah for photography personally, which is why I started the new year editing a photo that is a bit older than 10 years.

Happy 2020 everyone. may the new year and new decade bring you happiness wherever you are.

Photo taken 2009 in CA, USA. Edited in 2019 in istanbul, Turkey

edited using in Studio

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For the coming winter holidays, I'm giving you a quick introduction to enve, a new 2D animation tool for Linux, made by Maurycy Liebner :)

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Just opened a #peertube account graciously hosted at
You can follow us at @lgm

The plan is to import all past Libre Graphics Meeting recordings over there and make them available right from the #fediverse.

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ok, so, I was already pretty amazed at the variety of art in the artwork section of krita-artists, but now people are doing art games including this thread which is equal parts cute and amazing:

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One of the big camera pics from the hike today!

Nikon D7000, Tamron f18-400, processed in Darktable.

this was still a test. I am not sure I like this paper but I think I can work with it. also dishes are still not done and it is 4:30am now.

oh and the new masking tape masks micron pens but not copics as it turns out. good to know

good night :)

dishes to do. homeworks to grade. so many excuses for so many weeks.

Was "I should test this paper" all it took to begin?

Its 3am I should not keep going...

Nope... I guess we are going. Here is to hoping I do get some sleep tonight.

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The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge has a new home! It is now hosted in the new forum.

The topic for December is still "inversion".

Join now in the new forumsat

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We have been listening to you and the deadline for our #CallForParticipation in #AboutFreedom is extended to this Sunday.

Let them know about #FreeSoftware:
#ccc #cfp

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#artwithopensource folks, are you aware of the new #krita place to hang out?

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See all that blue? That means I've finished reviewing the edits in the next edition of Blender For Dummies. Wheeeeeee!

ok here is a fun problem. @TheDesk and @tootleapp both fail to login to mastodon. they redirect me to firefox to login then the page never directs to the link to authorize the app. Anyone have an idea what is going on?

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Finally got around to writing a proper announcement on/giving more detail on my decisions regarding Mac support for anybody who's interested

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