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@eylul It does seem like a good way to spark conversation and for people to get to know each other. The thing is, it's evolving on its own at this point, and I don't know how to rein it in in a way that can help people know about it and help more see it. Hmm. might work. I wonder what @Curator thinks of making it a thing somehow?

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@eylul 👍

Can you let us know what you think as you work with it?

/me is evaluating it for deployment under the photog.social umbrella at some point.
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Mastodon.Art is not just for the graphic arts (painting, drawing, etc). We are meant to represent a wide range of artists! I want to boost more posts relating to other forms of art. If you've got something you want to share, DM me or toot in reply to a toot and tag me and I'll boost it :)

We're inclusive here!

Show me your music, your writing, your photography, modeling, sculpting, dancing, composition...so many more!

oh yeah I do have a pixelfed now. Not much there yet.


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If you're a musician and you'd like to collaborate with someone at random, here's your change: we're starting the third edition of the ! No genre restrictions whatsoever, you only need to be open to work with someone who might make very different music than you.

Sign up here: goo.gl/forms/X42bmzMHoDN6WtRr1

2018 Its been a while since I did a larger scale drawing.

and (for documenting reasons)

by the way recommending self is perfectly ok, but in that case please use direct message so that we don't get too far off the spirit of the tag. :)

for today's / I have been away a lot lately so I'll do something different and ask for help finding new people to follow instead.

Especially those who are new or have relatively low follow count or on smaller instances (which would mean harder to find) but also open to exceptions to that :) I especially like contemporary art, landscape photography, artists who use open sourced software, astronomy, writing with female protagonists, gaming, gavedev, but you can also surprise me.

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@eylul @pixelfed I don't think it's ready for selfhosting yet. The beta on pixelfed.social doesn't federate yet, and there's no docs afaik about hosting it.

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Sign-ups for the third round of our are open!

If you are a musician of any kind and would like to collaborate with an internet stranger who will be randomly allocated to you, sign up here:

The theme of this round will be ... 'school'!

:music_collab: 🎼 💫

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out of curiosity what is the hosting requirements for a @pixelfed instance? (is desperately looking for an alternative to wordpress, which while great, is not the best for photoblogging)

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Hey #photographers! Want to try a #raw developer that doesn't conform to the status quo? Filmulator emulates the way #analog #film is developed! The number of sliders are minimal, but the results do not disappoint.


#photo #photography #linux #appimage #foss #artwithopensource

I think I hadn't done a self portrait in nearly a decade (maybe more) I went from doing a lot of it when i was younger to really disliking how it became something expected to have online: how one looks like. I like this image of me testing a new lens from last october through so I will put it out here.

But then again, is this even a self-portrait or a portrait at all?

Edited using in

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hashtags are important on Mastodon Show more

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In two days I'm releasing an EP I was working on last two months.

As always it will be a free :cc_cc: licenced digital download and a hand-made and numbered limited edition of 50 CDRs.

I'm in the finishing stages of the music video possible via CC-BY :cc_cc: :cc_by: licence.

It's also a release, which means my listeners can support me and are in the credits of the video.

Now is a good time to become my patron.