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@nonlinear@lazy8.social I am looking forward to hearing. its always useful to hear about workflows involving open sourced software.

Also discourse.opensourcedesign.net might be a good place to ask for potential more design specific tools that are open sourced.

Also @mairin@mastodon.social might have some ideas too. I am more on fine arts side of things.

@nonlinear for quick drawings I actually like using .


although with every version gets better leaps and bounds in terms of responsiveness, if you want something with less overhead mypaint is really nice.

It misses some abilities like easy resizing or filters, but also has advantages like infinite canvas, and has a solid brush engine of its own. Most importantly, as it uses .ora format, you can then move to krita, or gimp for more advanced work, when moving from sketch to finished painting/drawing.

@luka @Curator @phryk honestly the only reason why that tag ended up being was because might is just a very very unwieldy tag. :)

for this tag, if it is creative branch of works, and it is made with opensourced software or involves open sourced software substantially it counts.

As for what counts as art, lets just.. really not go there. XD

@Curator @luka @phryk If the thing was made with creative/artistic/design etc purpose then yes it counts as art with opensource. :)

would be great to have sibling tags too through :)

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The game I've been working on for the last three years is finally about to release. Proud of what we've accomplished and the good reviews we're getting from alpha testers; but I am *so* ready to work on something smaller.

@luka Thanks! :) Istanbul has a tendency to do this from time to time. Sunlight on one side, dark clouds on other. Too many micro-climates in a small area or sky having a sense of humor enough to pull off metaphors... who knows which one it is... :)

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@eylul very dramatic sky, weird contrast. Amazing!

, , 2014

From my old galaxy note 2, possibly with some cheap fisheye lens.
ominous clouds and sunlight.

Edited using in

CC by-SA



part of the reason I struggle these days to post photographs and art isn't so much that I am not doing it. Its more sometimes that it is hard to catch up with the overhead of documenting (especially with traditional) also deciding if something is done or not. By the time I am done with something I am already thinking the next thing. So it is hard to focus.

Being better about documenting, definitely work in progress.

@thegibson wacom has some nice entry level tablets (go ideally with something that has at least 15cm *20cm drawing area rather than the truly tiny ones, if they still exist) and while there is a learning curve involved, they last much longer than the 2-3 year long life cycle of a computer.

In terms of screen solutions MS surface is used widely, Samsung's systems with pens can also be a good option if you absolutely need to go that route.

But really, i would strongly suggest no screen, wacom option. I do have a cintiq, I still prefer to use the intuos and keep screen separate from the drawing sometimes.

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@inmysocks generally I don't mind people saving them, I don't mind people sharing them either as long as the credit information stays.

If the work I post brighten's someone's day... or is interesting enough to keep a copy somewhere, that is a positive.

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why is my pulseaudio filtering out everything bellow 100hz? if i connect VLC directly to JACK bottom end is there. but when via pulseaudio...


i got it.

pulseaudio load-module module-jack-sink/source has to be loaded with channels=2 argument on a jack with 6+ channels, otherwise it will create separate subwoofer port (and HPF on front out) which will not be connected to soundcard by default when playing audio via pulseaudio (firefox, vlc, etc).

@Pedro I hadn't thought of it that way, but I guess it is. It is unfortunately missing several programs (mostly due to char limit :D)

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@eylul wow this list is like a knowledge base of programs for artists and designers 👌.

#scribus #darktable #inkscape
#FOSS #designedWithOpenSource #artWithOpenSource

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My dragon for this month's character design challenge