@ubuntustudio oh I see. :) Thanks very much for reporting that and yes I will add it up when I get on the computer. (or see if I can make it directly pull from the same menu as the social media links at the bottom)

@ubuntustudio would you mind linking the page you found the link in? I thought we removed all references to it. :)

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NVIDIA vs Nouveau 

NVIDIA vs Nouveau 

I think what you are describing is exactly the issue. Ubuntu uses both nouveau and nvidia proprietary. On low latency kernel system threw me to nouveau out of nowhere. Switching it back to proprietary driver is where kernel panic started. problem so far seems to be happening with both 18.04 and 19.10 on low latency. and a screen resolution issue happened on 18.04 at which point I didn't wait around to see if it would escalate

anyhow thanks very much for sharing this.

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Proprietary Nvidia drivers need to built against the kernel and will work, but complain of a mismatch with the kernel module, then be erratic.
I compile on Gentoo, so this is generic observation rather than Ubuntu specific. So if the upgrade path gets broken, or no reboot to switch to a matching kernel , you could easily get issues. Not sure if Ubuntu uses the Nvidia drivers or Nouveau, which may or may nit be similar.
I would hope that the package manager would keep everything in sync

meanwhile... I think I figured out how to save this drawing... somewhat.... (and no this will not be finished tonight as someone spent last 2 days fixing computer issues rather than finishing grading that is due tomorrow.

ok I had 2 separate ubuntu installs fall apart first showing video card driver issues then in one case progressing to kernel panic, in less than 48 hours. My main laptop still cannot run low latency kernel and only works with generic one. is there a linux/nvidia driver issue going on or am I very very unlucky?

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If you are looking to change your windows 7 installation as artist, why not go with Linux?

Linux is free of cost and will always have support for your computer. Really, it has never been a better time to make the switch! 😁

Here are two types of linuxes that might grab your attention:

1. @elementary elementary.io/

2. @ubuntustudio ubuntustudio.org/

the good news is that the livestream setup is complete, the bad news I think a photo of that tomorrow will need to come with a warning of "do NOT try this at home"

I mean the webcam is light enough but I wouldn't use a phone with this, and definitely not a camera. now I'll need to install OBS and do the rest of the setup.

@Rado1 definitely. it might need to wait until early next week to be finished. (I try to be mindful when I use the drill) but I'll document and explain how it works (and if it works. xD)

also this was lot cheaper as I had the selfie stick already and I do need some of those clamps anyway for other dyi projects. :D

but thank you for the suggestion, it is definitely a good option. [2/2]

@paperdigits we actually went to the lumber side, then to the lights section then back to lumber. the detour to the lights section was exactly for that idea and might go for it down the line for a more permanent solution, once I see how the overall state of things work (or immediate solution, period, if this fails spectacularly ;) ) but main concern was that it might not be high enough for larger drawings. [1/2]

work in progress for a setup to livestream traditional drawings. Here is to hoping this works. (although maybe I should have gone for one of those wide drill bits... anyway we'll see)

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hey!!!! you are here! I hope all is well. :)

and thank you. All of it is definitely a fine answer. it is mostly me trying to prioritize based on what is interesting to everyone :)

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