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Hey open source typography nerds! In the process of revamping our :cc_cc: netlabel design template into fully :cc_cc: -licenced open and libre material I'm looking for quality libre font foundries or collections. Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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#typography #GraphicDesign #CreativeCommons #floss #LibreDesign

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Episode 1 of LibreArts podcast is out and features an interview with the @krita team that I did in early June at LGM.


There's one caveat: I have no Apple devices in my household and I don't live in a country supported by either Google Podcasts or Spotify. That means three aggregation options are out of question for now (VPN isn't helpful either). But I'm really new to this and I'm probably missing something.

Please let me know what you think about the podcast!

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@prokoudine @krita

Hi !
There is an audio only option on PeerTube since 1.4.0rc1. Perhaps not the best option for an audio channel, but a very good one to broadcast everywhere. There is RSS function in PeerTube.


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Testing 4.2.6, I was also playing with a sketching technique where you first draw with a big brush(40px), then use the curves to lower the alpha to about a quarter, then half the radius you're working with (so then, 20), and so on till you have a detailed sketch.

Then I tried to see if I could get super-thin lines going(this is just the basic opacity flow brush at 2 px with AA enabled), but I can never really figure out how to color these. Colorize mask seems to work well too with them.

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It is not exactly new story and I am not sure if this made the rounds in fediverse but a few days ago won the hugo award on best related work. We have a huge community here but we don't talk nearly enough about this project.

is an unique opensourced project that is not male dominated and also not started by people who were fulltime engineers but fans who decided enough is enough and we need to own our servers.

Congrats to Ao3!

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If you're an active artist on mastodon and would be interested in being interviewed by me to talk about why you like mastodon for art, and would consent to the interview being published on the joinmastodon.org blog, please respond to this and let me know!

I'll only pick a few people and mostly at random but preferably artists who use mastodon to share their art or talk to other artists would be preferred.

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i don't see any issues with the legibility of the image and it seems to fit the style of the game. did you have a particular concern about the layout/aesthetetic?

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It's easy to get discouraged and feel like your posts online don't make a ripple. I feel that way pretty often.

Imposter syndrome, feeling stuck, and self-hatred can sneak up.

But every now and then I notice that I'm making some genuine friendships and connecting with artists I've admired for years.

What you do does matter. Don't give up.

@dona o.O deviantart would explain the artist influx part of things. this should be fun. :)

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I like when new people join mastodon.art :blobcat:

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If you're using a computer, did you know you can control Mastodon through your keyboard?

You can find a list of keyboard commands by pressing "?"

Also, an additional command not listed there: you can use emoji by typing ":" and then a keyword (for example ":smile") and then selecting the emoji with the arrow keys.

Previous #MastoTips:

#Keyboard #Mastodon

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There's a (still unpopulated) prison now.

Also the turtle got a hooty neighbor.

Then some more population work, but I *think* I now got all the big motives in there that I wanted. :)

#ArtWithOpenSource #Inkscape

@ChrisTalleras *facepalm* well... it is nice to see more people on fediverse. :)

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@eylul Seems like Twitter got a new algorithm and whispers of shadow bannings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty fun with so many new folks storming the gate tho

oh new people on mastodon. welcome! what happened this time? :)

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