I'll have one tomorrow evening unless something gets messed up again. so if the time works feel free to drop by. (absolutely no pressure through. I hope all is well with you?)


I applaud the two projects for such a daring decision. happy april 1st!

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@gnome 's Executive Director, Neil McGovern, says: " We see ending desktop fragmentation as the key to Linux success. Feeling united and utterly bored in these hard times also contributed to our decision to merge both projects."


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Here are some online free and open source software tools you can use to connect to eachother.

jitsi.org/ – video conferencing (www.vc4all.nl if you don’t run your own server yet)
mumble.com/ – voice chat
mattermost.com/ – team work (or sociocratic circles)
joinmastodon.org/ - social media
discourse.org/ - discussion platform

Running your own server(s) is more secure (for example for yorganizing your community).

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Anyone have "learn to juggle" on their to-do list for this next month or so? I've been honestly wondering whether having a video call over a platform like jitsi would be any more helpful than just watching any of the many video tutorials out there, and would love to have a few test cases to find out! So I'm offering one on one instruction to the lovely people out here on the fediverse. Just let me know and we'll set up a time!

existed for a while now and is feature complete but good to see alternatives

...and that's a wrap. Thanks for everyone who dropped by despite the rampant techtical difficulties tonight, and thanks in particular to @Cheeseness for some very helpful tips.

Next stream will probably be on thursday as I will need a bit of a time to shift things around.

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Twitch is back and so am I. I'll be online in 10 minutes, come join me
as I continue working with .


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@marionline I haven't tried wacom one on linux, but I can verify that Wacom cintiq 16 (not the pro one the regular cintiq) is something I own, and works fine.

There is a few hiccups like you cannot adjust the screen brightness, but mostly it works out of box (which btw is NOT the windows experience where you need to download drivers) :) What do you use as a window manager? (KDE plasma? Gnome? XFCE?)

Tonight's livestream will be a bit later at 21CET (1:30 hours from now) Come keep me company :)

continuing the illustration


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well, in Monteral, when the show was touring there, they made a short trailer for you to whet your appetite.


please join us tonight at tv.emanat.si and invite your friends.

PS: the artist will most probably - be present in the chat

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@puresick @jasper never tried it for a large gatering but for small communication tox used to be ok.

good things: really decent voice/video quality

bad things: as it is decentralized, sometimes online people do not show up as online etc and that can cause issues.

Of course this was when I used it a year or so ago. So it might have gotten better since then.

Thanks for joining today's livestream. I'll be online again on monday. Hope to see you all then. :)


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alright continue the wallpaper that is : Will be online in half an hour :)

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unfortunately traditional art setup has a few hiccups I need to address

so what do you want me to do today on livestream: (you have 5 minutes to decide)

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