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Damn... I just realized some geek facts about myself:

- I started using #Linux back in 2002
- I started using #fedora in 2004
- I with @GIMP in 2003
- I've never used Adobe...
- yes... Ive always been an #OpenSource #designer...

Yes... I do feel old-school now...

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That's right, #Florence #Forkoff has gone live with its first usable pre-release! 🎉

Blog post: write.as/florence-development/

Code: github.com/florence-social/mas

For now the fork is essentially "Mastodon 2.9.0 with benefits", but in coming months more exciting features will be introduced. But this is a big milestone - it is no longer "vaporware" 🤩

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so there is GSoC project to integrate an OpenXR driver to #blender #b3d that's well in the making. This is great news that someone work on this together with the people from Marui
After #godotengine it would be the second software to get OpenXR compatibility.
the last bit would be to have OpenHMD to get positional tracking for the Lighthouse system so we could have a full stack on libre software not depending on unstable proprietary and intrusive middleware.

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Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface 👍

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to joinmastodon.org ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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Hey #darktable users : since september 2018, I have added 14050 lines of code in darktable's core, being the 2nd most productive dev for 2018/2019, and father of filmic, color balance v2 and the new UI design, in addition of providing doc, tutos, advice and various bugfixes. I'm working full time on more cool projects (modules and R&D), but I'm still paid way below minimal wage. If you can spare a few €, you can help me to help you long-term : liberapay.com/aurelienpierre/

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Happy Friday my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

Our instance had recently been updated to version 2.9, which gives you the option of using a new single-column interface. This new interface will be default for new users, but you can decide which version you want to use in your settings page.

More info on the update here: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

Keep being awesome! :louis_toots_too:

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Woo! As you may have seen from that previous boost, Mastodon 2.9 is now out, featuring a new single column interface:


This is, IMHO, a huge step forward for getting non-technical people onto Mastodon 👍

Instead of the Tweetdeck-style interface, there's now a default single-column timeline which is much less scary.

(The multicolumn original is still an option in Settings, and those who currently use multicolumn will continue to see it by default.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse

@killyourfm @voidspace @flavigula @luka @flavigula @RussSharek

is a different workflow but is also pretty strong software. As for , well... that it got preinstalled was one of the reasons how I chose (and well the ensuing rabbit hole of getting involved but that's offtopic :) ) which now does come with tools to help set Jack

I am going to assume you have tried these options at least but I am curious to hear what works, what doesn't work. etc.

@killyourfm @voidspace @flavigula @luka @flavigula @RussSharek

going to preface this with that I am primarily a visual artist and music is a small part of what I do (usually adding music or designing sound for my own work when it calls for it)

I found, having learned composing in Logic Pro that (with a side of Carla if I am not trying to record and just play live) is the closest one with workflows. [cont]

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TC and Layla at Casa de Cultura Tainã finished recording over the weekend the character voices for our short 3D movie Malaika. Bonus: The studio runs exclusively on free software. #ardour #b3d #blender #malaika3d #artwithopensource

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Plasma 5.16 is out! Check out all the new features and marvel at the improvements that now make working with Plasma smoother and more fun!


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June 2019 updates for Ubuntu Studio: New features toward the next release and backport, and the upcoming end of life for 18.10.


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Made a new theme for Blender 2.80, specifically geared for being readable when printed or shown on an e-ink display. It's here: gitlab.com/snippets/1864987

Tested it on an e-ink screen () and it seems to work relatively well.

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@eylul I've got a pleroma instance (the one I'm writing from) running on a RPI 3, and I've also got xmpp server, nextcloud, TinyTinyRSS all in the same RPI 3 going smoothly thanks to @yunohost !!!

@xaloc Thanks for sharing this. My concern with the RPI is more that a (mine is an ANCIENT RPI.. 2? I think?) and also limits of internet connection. I think it will be good for small projects and nextcloud hosting but I think i want my website and (eventually) emails and social media to be on something with a bit of a better uptime so vps it is. Actually through I would love to pick your brain about how you backup things and migrate if you have the time sometime? :)


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Call for participation at the Blender Conference 2019 is open! We welcome talks, papers, case studies, demo artists, developer workshops, and so on! After 1 August we start making the selection. conference.blender.org/call-fo #b3d #bcon19

@FiXato well apparently you need to login at mozilla servers but your data is then hosted on server of your choice, or at least so says the github of the install

@notegirlnikki @yunohost

well: pixelfed is last updated 2 days ago, and is listed as 'working' under community apps.


and on yunohost.org when you list all working apps (the initial listing is official apps only).. there is well... a lot of apps that are now listed as working.

O.o!!! @yunohost now has working pixelfed, mastodon, pleroma, peertube, plume, funkwhale in community downloads.

(and some things like I didn't even know I needed like firefox sync self host)

and it apparently can even install on an raspberry pi 2? (although that is probably a very bad idea for social media side of things for multiple reasons xD)

I officially have no excuse left at least to not create a pixelfed instance.

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