@kemonine @pl now what would be really cool is if that 3rd party site could be self hosted or could be pointed to a trusted community one, and I'll shut up and go offline now. :))

@kemonine I would ask how you managed that, except my record is 60GB in about a week, so no stones to throw here. ;D

Good luck!

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@kemonine @pl that would be very cool. I didn't realize Lightroom had such a feature and it is very interesting!

@aurelienpierre @dansup honestly if there was a module that did this for activitypub in general it would be amazing. :)

edition of
the next batch of the catch up from last few days. I like how some of these turned out.

10. Flowing
11. Cruel
12. Whale
13. Guarded

@quephird Thank you!! :) The origin of the project was to observe how our brain processes outside information. So paintings were procedural, mostly not planned ahead. I tried to build an algorithm e.g. 2 colors can't be side to side, everything might be outlined... then turned on a music or dvd and just let it flow out.

It has shifted a bit since its origins to having more concepts around the drawings, and sometimes some decisions ahead of time on colors etc, but main method remains.

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@eylul Oooooooooo I love your drawings! By #humanalgorithms, do you mean “anything that is algorithmic but implemented by hand not a computer program”?

@letthewatersroar I'd argue it depends on you? My inktober this year involved multiple missed days and catching up so far due to how my schedule is. :)

@ChrisTalleras no need to be dissapointed. life happens sometimes.

I am slightly behind with but I am really REALLY behind on posting them.

Light quality hasn't been amazing lately but enough delaying.

6. Drooling
7. Exhausted
8. Star
9. Precious

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before and after Show more

finally starting to catch up.

2. Tranquil
3. Roasted
4. Spell
5. Chicken

also because there was serious color editing in . My blue acrylic looks substantially different to my camera than my eye... very strange.

@aral my main criticism to this article is that it assumes that the original content etc is the content in isolation. Activity pub content doesn't happen in a vacuum, and instead exists as part of a larger cloud of content that is collectively created. A mastodon toot is not just that toot, but part of its thread, its hashtag and the community shaped around the network that boosts, comments and iterates.

That the content format might be longer or multimedia doesn't change this fact. :)

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