birbsite issues 

@Wolthera @Reinderdijkhuis I had no idea the development had stalled.

Considering I do actually use it to move my sketches from mypaint to krita and gimp I would selfishly love to see it happen.

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@Reinderdijkhuis @eylul OpenRaster ( is at attempt at making a fully open exchange format. The development on it has slowed down over the years, first because the maintainer dissapeared, and then because... I think everyone was too busy past year, really. (Is one of the people with commit access to the current site)

We should probably try to make it a thing for the next libregraphics in renes.

the problem is that when photoshop goes away we'll be left with files that are unusable so this is delaying the problem. (and this has happened before with macromedia and flash) This is also why advocating use of software open document formats is so critical. :)

I am still trying to recover some old files and trying to convert some other old works to .ora when I get time but yeah it is a complicated problem and gradual solution is the best we can do

First 6 days of inktober photographed with the camera and with proper lighting. :) I am still not sure if it is my phone that was causing the color issues or the light bulbs or combination of both.

First week of October is behind and this is already going better than it did last year.

Photo edited in so ;)


I had a bit of an issue with the official prompt so went my way instead.

Thanks to @zatnosk for the prompt and everyone else who suggested words. :)

oddly enough this one turned out much whimsical. (also very literal?)

I'll take a proper photograph of first 6 prompts later today with my camera now that there is sunlight and it is not 3am. :)

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thanks @iwriss. :) I did start today's drawing but I'll keep this one in my prompt list for when I next need to swap out of the official list. :)

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@reinderdijkhuis My art tends to have a bit grimness in it so I am actually not having difficulty but I am surprised just how dark they are getting. (usually it tends to balance out with whimsy)

so yeah might have to do with the prompts or the cumulative of them even when the individual prompt is neutral. I wonder how much seeing all the words at once affect it too. :)

ok. I am actually going to not use the inktober prompt for today (day 6) word is just not quite clear to form an image in my head.

Prompt me with a word ! please? 😊


I clearly forgot how to work with copic markers (I think I am slowly remembering through...)

also not entirely certain why this inktober is turning out so grim and... well.... octobery...

anyways... almost caught up.

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πŸ“š I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with #Krita, #Inkscape and #Scribus on #Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS:


this was harder to photograph than to paint. (these bulbs are seriously warping blues on camera. wasn't expecting that.)

please pause the regular inktober program as I try to find the bristol block (the not acid free one) I use to swatch and do small sketches like this. (first 3 days was drawn on cuts that were leftover from last year's inktober)

moving is fun. /o\

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