this was still a test. I am not sure I like this paper but I think I can work with it. also dishes are still not done and it is 4:30am now.

oh and the new masking tape masks micron pens but not copics as it turns out. good to know

good night :)

dishes to do. homeworks to grade. so many excuses for so many weeks.

Was "I should test this paper" all it took to begin?

Its 3am I should not keep going...

Nope... I guess we are going. Here is to hoping I do get some sleep tonight.

done, but still a ways to go...

oh and if those golds look 3-dimensional... Well.. the horror of leaky gold pen continues. At least nothing is digging a hole through the heavy paper at least. :D

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taking a break from deadlines. :)

still struggling with the new metallic and acrylic pens through. Its easy to destroy the paper or smear the ink

edition of
the next batch of the catch up from last few days. I like how some of these turned out.

10. Flowing
11. Cruel
12. Whale
13. Guarded

I am slightly behind with but I am really REALLY behind on posting them.

Light quality hasn't been amazing lately but enough delaying.

6. Drooling
7. Exhausted
8. Star
9. Precious

posting this only because I posted the WIP and I am trying to be better about posting about the process rather than the results only.

Sometimes things go wrong. This one won't make it to any portfolio. Its a bit unfortunate because I like the resulting drawing. However, the masking tape related tearing and inexperience with acrylic damaged the paper too much...

oh well...

( because it is documented with openCamera)

Sky wasn't the best last night so improvised a quick with the few micron pens I had with me instead. :)

...and done.
This took a lot longer than a drawing this size had any business taking, but it came out better than I expected it to be.

and and as this was edited in in as usual.

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piece is so close to being done...

I think part of the challenge is that after the hiccups on last 2 works, I am a bit hesitant to draw, self-conscious which translates to this going very slow.

Well... and that the number of layers. *doesn't want to think to closely about marker ink spent on this one*

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Some progress with the painting. Not nearly enough time spent in last 2 days but still got a solid 4-5 hours in today.

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Last few attemps didn't go well, but sometimes it is about learning from mistakes: literally.

Well, we'll see if I learned enough. :)

tiny piece done. I actually finished it last night but hard to photograph it in the middle of night...

And now I REALLY need to go shop for markers. :D


To take a break from larger projects and everything else happening this week, I started a tiny drawing. They don't look much in this stage but here it is.

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