10 years, easy in words, a lifetime in practice. So many changes, so many losses, so many beginnings...

its been a tough yeah for photography personally, which is why I started the new year editing a photo that is a bit older than 10 years.

Happy 2020 everyone. may the new year and new decade bring you happiness wherever you are.

Photo taken 2009 in CA, USA. Edited in 2019 in istanbul, Turkey

edited using in Studio


Note to self: attempting to stack a rainbow is probably not worth the effort.

It was a cool phenomenon, but probably not the best thing to attempt on a cellphone camera, in retrospect.

2017. a stack of 8 images.

Edited using in


These photos with Samyang 50mm F1.2. I think this was at maximum aperture and 15 second exposure. It looks more like cotton candy than milky way after edit.

Just playing around with some photos to warm up


Sometimes you need to take a photograph out of its context to see the form and pattern.

Wave forms of... well... waves.

A detour from a very different project I am working on using these raw photographs (I think)

Edited using in

2018 has been a break from hectic previous years. No travel, quiet social media (have I really not posted a photograph in 2 months?)

Taught a full time class in using open sourced software (so many firsts right there), but mostly... much silence for revaluation after all the changes.

There is work to be done through, several large projects, several small ones.

Time to begin anew.

See you all on 2019. :)

between everything else I managed to not post a new in over a month.
(Inktober is also still happening, I have a backlog of like 10 drawings)


2018, Istanbul

Just your average sunset.

Edited using in

Constraints of social media affects posted in it. Images are small, both in terms of the resolution (allowed by platform) and size (of the screen). Some photos works. Some, like this one, doesn't. This poses the question through. Is the photo on social media the photo itself, or its representation... or a social media the same medium as a print photograph at all?

Edited using in

breaks the illusion that a is a documentation of reality.

Colors that are split and reorganized carefully, forced long exposure breaking the assumption of a moment. A representation of the reality: not that different from a classical painting.

All photographs are like this actually, but infrared photography makes it more explicit.

Datca, .

Edited using in

I have been, for years now, trying to photograph the color of the mediterranean sea, in bright afternoon sun. Its a brilliant tone and unique and for some reason very VERY hard to translate into the photograph.

I think I got closer this time?

Edited using in

in between spending way too much time here, and avoiding the noon sun, I did manage to do some today

2018. , .
Just a composition exploration shot before I got out the infrared filter and tripod. (those will be edited when I get home to my work station - I can't see colors on my travel laptop screen. This was edited by looking at the histogram)


edited using in

For the longest time I didn't consider myself a photographer but an artist that uses photography as one of her primary materials, because sometimes the way I use photography disregards most basic rules of the medium.

Shadow of a tree. 2017, Datca,

Edited using in

- the "not much of a backlog and more straight from the oven" edition.

...because is having an acute case of a clear sky by some miracle.

Sony a6000, Samyang 135mm F.2.0 Istanbul

Obviously a very detail crop.

Edited using in

When doing , there is expectation for things to look different, but I wasn't expecting all that glittering shine on an ordinary tomato flower of all things.

Also F1.4 plus a macro filter makes for some absurdly shallow depth of field. Adding the infrared filter on top, this was tricky to photograph. XD

edited using in

Istanbul being in a ominous mood. Another one of the thunderstorms from last year. This one I actually waited inside until it was a bit far away.

Edited using in as usual


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