the obligatory edition.

You can either lament that you are stuck in a large city with with less than ideal conditions to photograph a comet...

or you can make the "less than ideal" conditions part of the image. Hello cloud! (part of a work in progress)

Edited in in

I need to be better about watching gsoc projects of my favorite programs.

Not only the @Krita android port is slowly becoming a reality but also there is a gsoc to integrate the amazing brushes to :)

By the way if you have an android tablet and want to help this amazing /#FOSS tool up you can install the experimental android version and report bugs. :)

edit: link correction

in about 30 minutes I will be having a workshop on drawing with code in

Interested in / or or interested in learning , or simply curious to see how to think of programming as an aesthethic tool. Come watch the livestream and join us in the IRC. The workshop completely beginner friendly, no prior programming experience required! :)

The free software association in Turkey is organizing an online event on on May 16-17. The call for paper is up.

unfortunately traditional art setup has a few hiccups I need to address

so what do you want me to do today on livestream: (you have 5 minutes to decide)

I am online for a little bit tonight at twitch after a very long break (

Come join me as I work on an illustration using . still testing the setup, so only announcing on mastodon. :)

10 years, easy in words, a lifetime in practice. So many changes, so many losses, so many beginnings...

its been a tough yeah for photography personally, which is why I started the new year editing a photo that is a bit older than 10 years.

Happy 2020 everyone. may the new year and new decade bring you happiness wherever you are.

Photo taken 2009 in CA, USA. Edited in 2019 in istanbul, Turkey

edited using in Studio

First 6 days of inktober photographed with the camera and with proper lighting. :) I am still not sure if it is my phone that was causing the color issues or the light bulbs or combination of both.

First week of October is behind and this is already going better than it did last year.

Photo edited in so ;)

I completely forgot to mention due to... well... this month, but my talk at on using software is now up for anyone who missed it.


Note to self: attempting to stack a rainbow is probably not worth the effort.

It was a cool phenomenon, but probably not the best thing to attempt on a cellphone camera, in retrospect.

2017. a stack of 8 images.

Edited using in


These photos with Samyang 50mm F1.2. I think this was at maximum aperture and 15 second exposure. It looks more like cotton candy than milky way after edit.

Just playing around with some photos to warm up


Sometimes you need to take a photograph out of its context to see the form and pattern.

Wave forms of... well... waves.

A detour from a very different project I am working on using these raw photographs (I think)

Edited using in

...meanwhile some self promotion

One-off festival, featuring 65 1-second films (including my work "Make a Wish") will be available in public spaces this week (February 18-24, 2019) in Valencia(ES) and Gol(Norway) and internet

(at least mine is ;) )

2018 has been a break from hectic previous years. No travel, quiet social media (have I really not posted a photograph in 2 months?)

Taught a full time class in using open sourced software (so many firsts right there), but mostly... much silence for revaluation after all the changes.

There is work to be done through, several large projects, several small ones.

Time to begin anew.

See you all on 2019. :)

10. your posts!


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