between everything else I managed to not post a new in over a month.
(Inktober is also still happening, I have a backlog of like 10 drawings)


2018, Istanbul

Just your average sunset.

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edition of
the next batch of the catch up from last few days. I like how some of these turned out.

10. Flowing
11. Cruel
12. Whale
13. Guarded

I am slightly behind with but I am really REALLY behind on posting them.

Light quality hasn't been amazing lately but enough delaying.

6. Drooling
7. Exhausted
8. Star
9. Precious

finally starting to catch up.

2. Tranquil
3. Roasted
4. Spell
5. Chicken

also because there was serious color editing in . My blue acrylic looks substantially different to my camera than my eye... very strange.

This year, for I will be doing small abstract sketches this year as I did need to test out some new ideas and this gives a good opportunity.

I am a bit behind, but here is

day 1: Poisonous.

posting this only because I posted the WIP and I am trying to be better about posting about the process rather than the results only.

Sometimes things go wrong. This one won't make it to any portfolio. Its a bit unfortunate because I like the resulting drawing. However, the masking tape related tearing and inexperience with acrylic damaged the paper too much...

oh well...

( because it is documented with openCamera)

slower going partly due to the fact that acrylic marker I am using for gold needs drying time.

Constraints of social media affects posted in it. Images are small, both in terms of the resolution (allowed by platform) and size (of the screen). Some photos works. Some, like this one, doesn't. This poses the question through. Is the photo on social media the photo itself, or its representation... or a social media the same medium as a print photograph at all?

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breaks the illusion that a is a documentation of reality.

Colors that are split and reorganized carefully, forced long exposure breaking the assumption of a moment. A representation of the reality: not that different from a classical painting.

All photographs are like this actually, but infrared photography makes it more explicit.

Datca, .

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I have been, for years now, trying to photograph the color of the mediterranean sea, in bright afternoon sun. Its a brilliant tone and unique and for some reason very VERY hard to translate into the photograph.

I think I got closer this time?

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in between spending way too much time here, and avoiding the noon sun, I did manage to do some today

2018. , .
Just a composition exploration shot before I got out the infrared filter and tripod. (those will be edited when I get home to my work station - I can't see colors on my travel laptop screen. This was edited by looking at the histogram)


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Sky wasn't the best last night so improvised a quick with the few micron pens I had with me instead. :)

What was my camera doing you ask?

Well... ok see it has been 1 year since I bought my sony a6000, and apparently that's how long it takes before I try to do things with equipment that you should not be capable of doing...

By the way, if you notice how noisy this is... you can use stacking to reduce noise, and increase resolution a little bit... and that ties back to how I ran out of SD card space. XD

Its the second day of my seaside vacation and I ran out of SD card space.

But how you say?


(this was taken from my cellphone "attached" to my camera to demonstrate to two children that you can photography milkyway with a cellphone)

(edited in / )

...current state of things

(And technically - is there a way to tell open camera to sharpen less by the way? :mastohi: )

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