meanwhile... I think I figured out how to save this drawing... somewhat.... (and no this will not be finished tonight as someone spent last 2 days fixing computer issues rather than finishing grading that is due tomorrow.

work in progress for a setup to livestream traditional drawings. Here is to hoping this works. (although maybe I should have gone for one of those wide drill bits... anyway we'll see)

10 years, easy in words, a lifetime in practice. So many changes, so many losses, so many beginnings...

its been a tough yeah for photography personally, which is why I started the new year editing a photo that is a bit older than 10 years.

Happy 2020 everyone. may the new year and new decade bring you happiness wherever you are.

Photo taken 2009 in CA, USA. Edited in 2019 in istanbul, Turkey

edited using in Studio

this was still a test. I am not sure I like this paper but I think I can work with it. also dishes are still not done and it is 4:30am now.

oh and the new masking tape masks micron pens but not copics as it turns out. good to know

good night :)

dishes to do. homeworks to grade. so many excuses for so many weeks.

Was "I should test this paper" all it took to begin?

Its 3am I should not keep going...

Nope... I guess we are going. Here is to hoping I do get some sleep tonight.

First 6 days of inktober photographed with the camera and with proper lighting. :) I am still not sure if it is my phone that was causing the color issues or the light bulbs or combination of both.

First week of October is behind and this is already going better than it did last year.

Photo edited in so ;)


I had a bit of an issue with the official prompt so went my way instead.

Thanks to @zatnosk for the prompt and everyone else who suggested words. :)

oddly enough this one turned out much whimsical. (also very literal?)

I'll take a proper photograph of first 6 prompts later today with my camera now that there is sunlight and it is not 3am. :)


I clearly forgot how to work with copic markers (I think I am slowly remembering through...)

also not entirely certain why this inktober is turning out so grim and... well.... octobery...

anyways... almost caught up.


this was harder to photograph than to paint. (these bulbs are seriously warping blues on camera. wasn't expecting that.)

I keep making the mistake of trying to make inktober be more than it is. Trying to limit myself about materials and mediums. Truth is I don't have the energy to do a consistent project or add on top.

So there is one goal for this year: to finish inktober. :)

I am exhausted. Last week especially was very stressful and I desperately miss making art but this will be a good change.

wait I just noticed there actually IS a real cake in the 10 years of talk xD

Last day of starts with Simon Peter from appimage on how to make projects more attractive to new contributors @lgm

freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! @lgm

ongoing discussions on challenges and strategies in teaching art&design with software. Free Culture Aware Educators BoF at @lgm

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