@eylul That is a wonderful pic , wish I was there for that scenery

@kemonine :) it was a pretty impressive sunset, even in Istanbul standards (and we get a lot of pretty sunsets)

@eylul This looks like freedom cove of moda shore, or fenerbahçe. Light and shade play a captivating hide and seek.

@meteorspawn You are correct. it is moda. :) It is not really visible but its the historic port building behind that bush.

@eylul Yeah the silhouette :) It was in restoration the last time I checked. Hope they'll serve raki and seafood with reasonable prices there like in the old days. Wishful thinking is poor man's bread though. :)
Nice to see Ubuntu Studio works for you. Back then I used to dig it. It has always been great for visuals. And always somewhat lackluster for audio. Then I switched to debian and kxstudio. It's better tuned for audio. And lived happily thereafter. mastodon.social/media/-gwf3QOK

@meteorspawn I have no idea to be honest I haven't been there yet but it looks like there is a restaurant there?

I like ubuntu studio because I like the combination of low latency kernel, ubuntu (which is my distro of choice currently) and xfce in one package. I do however have parts of KXStudio installed. You don't have to pick one or the other.

Actually it is in our todo list to get Carla, Cadence etc be part of the Ubuntu Studio but packaging them is a complicated task and we do seriously lack people-power in the project which means things go slowly.

@eylul Yeah a beautiful family restaurant afaik. :) For low latency audio I found #liquorix kernel to be quite capable. For vst plugins I first bastardize them with #airwave to create an #lv2 format so file which acts as a bridge to the dll file, then I can use any native linux lv2 plugin host to put them to good use. Carla is cool though, it looks cool too :)

@meteorspawn I did try airwave at some point I think but ran into too many bugs. I find carla bridges are more reliable in my experience. Never heard of liquorix through *goes to search*

@eylul airwave has worked great for any plugin I've tried it on so far. It may be an earlier version exceeded your bugsanity limits. Speaking as of version 1.2.1 with airwave manager 1.3.3.

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