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Why do I suddenly get the feeling that we just started getting a new influx of users?

(either way, Welcome!, and don't forget to do / if you are new here)

@eylul ha! I feel like the world is revolving around me all of a sudden :D (yes I'm new)
Maybe I might ask a question too?
Is it possible to edit your own posts, cause I don't seem to find such an option (but yes I may be blind ;) )

@Sarah_Spie perfectly fine to be new, and perfectly fine to ask questions! :) no way to edit the posts unfortunately, it is generally ok to delete and repost through especially if it is not too widely shared yet. :) A lot of us have done it. ;D

@eylul aw that's going to be quite an experience for a dyslectic person but oh well, let the world know about dyslexia anyway :)

I'm not actually as new as I look -
@Nobilis pointed out that I signed up on 10/6 @eylul Now I'm starting to think I'm either really old, or losing my mind. Maybe both.

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