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is a plugin host. It works with both Jack and native audio setup in Linux / Win / Mac. It features a rack for linearly connecting plugins as well as a patchbay. It can run LV2s VSTs, soundfonts (sf2 and sfz), etc, etc

In addition to being standalone software, You can run Carla also as a plugin in another daw like

I use Carla as a patchbay and to use plugins and soundfonts on a live playing and practice.

(the screenshot also features - a feature-rich opensource synth)

@eylul I'm using Gladish/Ladish for the same purpose !

@Nomys_Tempar It is not updated a lot unfortunately (and Carla can deal with VSTs from another platform or 32bit VSTs on a 64bit machine etc) but Gladish is another great patchbay. (its actually what I used before I switched to Carla)

@eylul Maybe I should switch, but it will take time to test Carla, to see if it's fitting my ways...

@Nomys_Tempar @eylul kinda looks like patchage, but with session management. Currently, I use aj-snapshot for sessions, and patchage for routing, but carla does look kinda nice. I may have to check it out.

@klaatu @Nomys_Tempar yes exactly (gladish also has sessions I believe) one of drawbacks of Carla to patchage though is that it doesn't show the alsa connections together with jack. (or at least if it can, I haven't figured out how yet) never tried aj-snapshot through *goes to check*

@eylul you can watch a recent and interesting talk about this software, by Filipe Coelho himself (the developer who made Carla) here :


I was at the initial #SonojConvention this year with FalkTX and he has presented some awesome new features coming to Carla there, you can watch his talk here:

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