lets talk about small instances (under 1000 users). Tell us about small communities you know, new upcoming interesting instances, special theme or topic instances.

tag them with

lets decentralize a little. :)

Here is 5 instances : gaming
admin: @noelle : gamedevs (very new)
admin: @aras : star trek themed
admin: @guinan : photography
admin: @ambassador teaching and academics
admin: @socrates
Lets decentralize a little.

don't forget to tag the toots! XD

also do highlight your own small instances. (either as admins or users).

@sophia @phooky @eylul @noelle @guinan @ambassador @socrates

It has been an issue since inception, but the uniqueness of the Fediverse makes it hard... at that point we basically become simply distributed.

@eylul so.. here we have

I'm not running it or anything, I just like metal and registered an account there.

it has currently 46 users and the admin seems to be a nice guy and on the local timeline you can find some new music to listen to.



@muz @eylul
I am the only user on my instance
Hopefully this grows a Bit...

I'm on, a Hebrew-centric instance run by @yair with my help. I highly recommend joining us if you speak Hebrew, and strongly discourage signing up here otherwise because much of the local feed will be gibberish to you. 😋


@eylul I have which I planned as a russian-speaking Mastodon instance.
Turns out, there's not a lot of russians in Fediverse, and everyone has found other instances, so mine didn't really take off. As of tooting this, it has only 6 accounts, may be two of them are active. The registration is open.


@drequivalent @eylul For Portuguese speakers, is hosted by @hugo, and by @renatolond

On where I am, although there are above 200 users, only a couple talk regularly, and due to immigration to western europa, I speak French from time to time.


@eylul which is about being nice and high (a bit like r/woahdude)

it has existed for less than an hour #under1000

@eylul is a small instance run by @bea

It's not much special apart from it runs (on master iirc) and it's a nice place (~300 users)


Hello from, where we live in the 19A0s - the alternative era where the Web has no silos, Gopher never died, screens glow orange-on-black, and radio is run by hams. Be sure to watch for #weirdWebWednesday !


@eylul just because #under1000 is required: : bots and bot allies
admin: @muffinista

Let's decentralize a little.

@eylul is newish and distinctly #under1000 if anyone's looking for anything a little more #australian in their lives. 🇦🇺

Not saying only Australians are welcome or there are kangaroos everywhere, but that's where we're based!

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