Are you a
🎨 visual artist
🎼 musician
📝 writer
📽 filmmaker
🎮 gamedev
in the most general sense of the word?

Do you use

or other / software
as part of your workflow?

Do you use as your OS when creating/performing?

consider tagging:
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@eylul and we started a non profit organisation for "free-libre art and technology" in brussels some years ago with @xuv @frankiezafe @ptr_here and others ... not much activity except development of #polymorph these last months though... #artwithopensource #linuxartists

@Nomys_Tempar art/work/projects that uses , for introduction posts if you use them regularly, profile. relevant discussions. The goal is just to highlight creative work done using tools. :)

(does this answer your question?)

@eylul I design the cutting files for my little houses and such with #inkscape, and cut them with #robocut. 🐧 #artwithopensource #linuxartists

I was gonna say I should use those tags on Instagram too except apparently #robocut is a lawnmower there.

@gamehawk @eylul what little houses? I feel like this is something neat that I have missed.

@inmysocks @eylul or further back in my posts (hmm, maybe Masto needs a show-posts-with-media option like birdfeed has).

@eylul I'm just moving my photography over to linux so interested to hear any posts from #linuxartists on #darktable or #rawtherapee

@nigeldgreen there is a quite a few of us here, and is also a good resource, for FLOSS photography especially. :)

@nigeldgreen Check out and give @patdavid a follow if you haven't already. He is the creator of that website. ☺

Please do what @eylul is asking - makes it easier for us to find you! (And you us, and others us, etc)

@eylul @patdavid I've been guilty of this. cognitively, it was helpful to realize that I've always got characters to spare with mastodon's generous character limit. #noexcuses

@eylul I may at some point persuade my wife to use Darktable and Luminance HDR in the future 🙂

@eylul @cygnetsilks welcome! #zim is so great. since I found out how to make #orgmode pretty on #Emacs I've been migrating. (feel like you're never done integrating Emacs into your workflow).

Open source software 

@K_REY_C @cygnetsilks :D

is my primary notetaking software these days, and I do like how I can organize folders of projects with it and have notes on them

Open source software 

@eylul @K_REY_C @cygnetsilks

#ZIM is great!

All of the content for my business site was drafted and structured in #Zim while I got my thoughts straight.

@cygnetsilks @eylul JUst watched it. Mesmerising! I've never heard of Zim though, which intrigues me as I've been around long enough to know most FOSS art tools! (Ex contributor to Krita, myself :) )


@Blort @cygnetsilks it is a open sourced desktop note taking app.

@eylul Yup. Fantasy author and visual artist (sort of). Use #Gimp, #Blender, #Darktable, #Inkscape, #LaTeX, and even #subversion on my #linux server. So I guess that makes me one of the #linixartists who loves #OpenSource.

Keep Committing Art!

@eylul Didn't see this message. Still learning to use Mastodon. I tagged #fosscreative :)

@eylul as a Blender (#b3d) developer, I use Blender on a daily basis!

@eylul Thanks, I just got a recording interface and Ardour. Thanks for sharing where to post my creations. :)

@eylul I use #krita for digital paintings with wacom tablet :) Oh and I should mention another great opensource application for pixel art #aesprite! It's such a great app ^_^ And it is very unique in the manner of how its built.

@eylul It's a paid application and It deserves every cent XD

I see that late but :
I'm sound tech (and a little bit interactive soundscapes creator) and i use a lot #Ardour, #jackaudio #non-daw and the #kxstudio suite.
I work on a #debianSID

Look my postes for more ;)

@enkiv2 I think it does? :) I am curious now through I thought it just did sound conversion.

Sox does sound conversion, mixing, and all kinds of filters & mutations. It also has a 'synth' command that can produce sines, sawtooths, plucks, and a couple other really basic tones (as well as white/brown/pink noise).

I wrote some shell scripts that automate the synthesis & mixing of tones in sox, & that's what I use.

@eylul @woozle yes. (The man page describes how to do all of that, though I can't really call it intuitive or discoverable.)

Almost everything Audacity can do (including the filters & transforms) can be done in sox -- the exceptions being shifting pitch without tempo & vice versa while leaving the sample rate unchanged & synthesizing risset drums.

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