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eylul @eylul

so again. :)

I am one of the here and do

a lot of these days along with digital illustrations and as well. Most of my work can be found scattered around in and tags.

Ok enough tags. Here are a few examples of my work:

mastodon.art/media/CWoEuiioWFX mastodon.art/media/MxFqcm-yHvu mastodon.art/media/z2DSDZr3Thn mastodon.art/media/efDqkLz-bQq

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...and this is my backup account. its where you can find me on the unlikely case where mastodon.art is down. Rest of the time it boosts some of the art posts when I remember to do so.

@eylul very nice, digging your work!

I now have a growing thread of I guess? :)

Anyways, hello! :) I do .
I work with with a variety of media including among other things.

Below are 4 of my photographs created using different devices and techniques. You can also see more of my work upthread. :)

patreon: patreon.com/eylul
prints: redbubble.com/people/azbulutlu

@eylul oh my gosh your photos are rad!

@eylul Wow, these are some really amazing photos!

@eylul Ah nice to see a fellow Linux artist here :D
What do you use for editing your photos? Darktable?

@tinyworlds Darktable. Sometimes Gimp, Hugin and Krita. :) what about you?

@eylul Jup, Darktable as well, although I still feel like a noob at it. And almost exclusively Krita now, GIMP feels so outdated in contrast.

@tinyworlds consider looking into the developer version of ? It is the devel. version but there is quite a bit of new features to it. :)

@eylul Maybe I should 🤔 Honestly I'm really satisfied with Krita though ^^

@tinyworlds I don't think one has to pick one. I use both. :) Krita is great for photo editing, even through it is not designed for it.

@eylul Oh also judging by your software combination, happy to also meet another generalist artist :D