work in progress for a setup to livestream traditional drawings. Here is to hoping this works. (although maybe I should have gone for one of those wide drill bits... anyway we'll see)

@paperdigits we actually went to the lumber side, then to the lights section then back to lumber. the detour to the lights section was exactly for that idea and might go for it down the line for a more permanent solution, once I see how the overall state of things work (or immediate solution, period, if this fails spectacularly ;) ) but main concern was that it might not be high enough for larger drawings. [1/2]

also this was lot cheaper as I had the selfie stick already and I do need some of those clamps anyway for other dyi projects. :D

but thank you for the suggestion, it is definitely a good option. [2/2]

@eylul Indeed... hopefully I can catch some live streams!

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