so one of the plans for this year is getting back to #-artwithopensource related things. I think editbacklog mostly ran its course (although i will obviously keep doing photography - and I do have a new pile of images that are in a very different category that needs processing, more on that later :)) )

I also badly lost touch with a lot of you.

What do you want to see of me?


Do some of several of your choices in the poll.

Give us your voice
With all kinds of choice.
Tight focus dims;
Follow your whims.

@Algot <3 oh! I see what you mean.

these are projects I want to do but feedback helps me prioritize time commitment in short and medium term, and also see what is valuable and what is not to the audience as well. advocacy (and art too but especially advocacy) doesn't happen in a vacuum, if that makes sense? :)


Yes. It does.

I think I'm expressing my own randomness in my answer. My (retired) mind has a decoherence factor which has gotten beyond control.

Youth benefits from focus. Old age probably does, too, but I'm enjoying variety.

@Algot Honestly I think both focus and variety has its benefits and are different strategies that work... if it works and you enjoy it.... :)

Well my timeline is better and richer for having your verses and thoughts that comes from it so I can say it works. :)


One of these days, perhaps a valuable thought will find its way into a verse...

Thanks for the kind words.

I look forward to seeing what you decide.

hey!!!! you are here! I hope all is well. :)

and thank you. All of it is definitely a fine answer. it is mostly me trying to prioritize based on what is interesting to everyone :)

@eylul I am here! Not that often, there aren't many people I know to talk to, so I sometimes hop in and lurk. But I forget too often. Things are good. New job, more relaxed one!

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