O.o!!! @yunohost now has working pixelfed, mastodon, pleroma, peertube, plume, funkwhale in community downloads.

(and some things like I didn't even know I needed like firefox sync self host)

and it apparently can even install on an raspberry pi 2? (although that is probably a very bad idea for social media side of things for multiple reasons xD)

I officially have no excuse left at least to not create a pixelfed instance.

@notegirlnikki @yunohost

well: pixelfed is last updated 2 days ago, and is listed as 'working' under community apps.

and on when you list all working apps (the initial listing is official apps only).. there is well... a lot of apps that are now listed as working.


oh, #Firefox actually offers a #selfhost for sync again? I remember them offering that years ago, but when I wanted to try it out, it seemed to be gone. That might be the feature that will push me back from #Chrome to Firefoz then.

@FiXato well apparently you need to login at mozilla servers but your data is then hosted on server of your choice, or at least so says the github of the install

@eylul @FiXato Do you have any pointers on how to selfhost Sync?

@eylul I've got a pleroma instance (the one I'm writing from) running on a RPI 3, and I've also got xmpp server, nextcloud, TinyTinyRSS all in the same RPI 3 going smoothly thanks to @yunohost !!!

@xaloc Thanks for sharing this. My concern with the RPI is more that a (mine is an ANCIENT RPI.. 2? I think?) and also limits of internet connection. I think it will be good for small projects and nextcloud hosting but I think i want my website and (eventually) emails and social media to be on something with a bit of a better uptime so vps it is. Actually through I would love to pick your brain about how you backup things and migrate if you have the time sometime? :)


@eylul backups are one big issue I still haven't fully solved. I am planning on having another RPI somewhere else and doing backups with borg. For now I try to copy the sd card and I have the files on the cloud in multpile devices it's far from perfect but I'm the only real user so it only has to work for me 😂 @yunohost
@eylul and I think that for mails and social media (if it's going to be for more than you) a vps is a much better option. I have quite a good internet connection at home though so for me it's working quite nicely @yunohost
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