Does anyone know a mastodon-twitter crossposter that treats twitter as the mirror, as in puts the main content on mastodon, and links to the toot from the tweet? (I have seen the opposite direction, or separate posters, but never anything that goes in this direction)

@phildini thanks very much for the reply! after trying both and masto.donte which was also recommended on this thread, I went with the latter (mostly because the whitelisting of which toots mirror is very useful for my usecase). also looks very cool through so will bookmark both and watch both projects. :))

@irina what do you use for crossposting? A lot of your content on Twitter appears to be posted via a tool like this.

@kechpaja Mastodon Twitter Crossposter and yes, all my "original" tweets come from Mastodon, it's only the retweets and replies that I do on Twitter itself.

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