Reading reviews to buy a new smartphone is an exercise in pain. I don't care about the ai capabilities of the auto mode of the camera. I don't want the voice assistant.

Just tell me about manual mode and shutter speed cap and if it exposes the options correctly to open camera. (and yes I did look into the librem phone but I don't think my current phone will survive the end of February, much less April, the way it has been falling apart)

... well that escalated quickly.

New phone bought after some emergency research and a VERY lucky discount caught at local electronics chain.

Turns out, the battery of the old phone was swollen. So lets update the survival expectancy to the end of the week. Now onto emergency data rescue and I can continue with my scheduled life. >.<

I'll miss the old phone. It was my main camera for shooting some of my favorite recent photos, but all good things come to an end. :)

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@kemonine I went with galaxy note 9. its not perfect, it was the best option I could find out of available models in terms of fitting the backup camera role my smartphone has.

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