posting this only because I posted the WIP and I am trying to be better about posting about the process rather than the results only.

Sometimes things go wrong. This one won't make it to any portfolio. Its a bit unfortunate because I like the resulting drawing. However, the masking tape related tearing and inexperience with acrylic damaged the paper too much...

oh well...

( because it is documented with openCamera)

Artboard 1 copy 3M-eyeFollow

on a lighter note, I now have a different type of masking tape. We'll see how it goes. :D

@eylul Apparently you can warm up masking tape with a hairdryer and it should melt the glue and make things come off easier. I'm usually using gumstrip for watercolour so I haven't tried it myself though.

@JoeCallanan thanks very much! this is a useful advice and I shall try it . :)
(I still think it was at least partially has to do with the tape itself through.)

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