Last few attemps didn't go well, but sometimes it is about learning from mistakes: literally.

Well, we'll see if I learned enough. :)

Some progress with the painting. Not nearly enough time spent in last 2 days but still got a solid 4-5 hours in today.

piece is so close to being done...

I think part of the challenge is that after the hiccups on last 2 works, I am a bit hesitant to draw, self-conscious which translates to this going very slow.

Well... and that the number of layers. *doesn't want to think to closely about marker ink spent on this one*

...and done.
This took a lot longer than a drawing this size had any business taking, but it came out better than I expected it to be.

and and as this was edited in in as usual.

@eylul I love that contrast against the wood grain ❤️

@chuck thank you! that wood grain texture is something I have been experimenting on more recent work. :)

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