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I dislike popularity/count based schemes in that they advantage early adopters or people with following. This pushes a dialogue platform into being a publishing one instead, and negatively affect quality of dialogue, and increases the barrier of entry.

Popularity is a very incomplete metric for quality of content.

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@eylul "Popularity is a very incomplete metric for quality of content." is something I have to remind myself of all the time as I post fic to resounding silence.

@eylul It also ends up feeling very much like high school. Have friends. Establish yourself as Cool Kid. Use friends to create In-Crowd of other Cool Kids. Run for class president on a Platform of Being Cool.


It turns the social network into a competition for most followers.

The reason we have a follower/followed system is to enable people to chooses who they want to read/stay in touch with.

Why do we need a popularity contest on top of that?

@hairylarry I reasoned about this a while ago. but just criticizing the current competitive system is not enough. what's the alternative we can suggest? alternative@eylul@mastodon.art


Chronological. Good search features. Being nice to each other. (ok, just kidding. I know that will never happen)

@hairylarry yes, but that's just what we have without "likes" and "boosts" (minus the "being nice to each other" of course ;)

what I'm thinking about is something that allows people to boost content without having it end up as a competition. I think it doesn't exist, but I'm brooding over it ๐Ÿ˜†


Keep brooding. Maybe one of those ideas will hatch. (Get it? Brooding hens.)

That's what I was talking about earlier. Spend some time thinking about how to do something new or different instead of writing a program kind of like one that's already out there that sucks.

@hairylarry the problem is that many people do not think that it sucks (including Gargron I think)


Me either. I like mastodon. I don't like twitter and facebook.

@eylul And why not just ignore this #metric?

But, where are established than #popularity is quality metrics, but just a popularity / impact metric??

In my opinion is useful, and I don't know a better metric, but still interested in improvements, of course.

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on case against popularity/count systems Show more


Right? I wish I could hide that stuff some days on numerous sites. It gets in the way of my using spaces as I want to. It's why I quite tumblr, for instance. I don't need to be reminded every 30 seconds that super-talented, productive, gregarious people have 300K followers hanging on their every word but I never will no matter what I do.

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