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So I guess it is a new / time. I do as well as other mediums of both traditional and electronic. Always behind work, these days more so than usual. :)


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So many new people here and across the fediverse! I guess it is time for another addition to my thread. :)

I am a cross disciplinary artist who works with a variety of media. I post a lot of here with some and

Most of my work can be found under and tags

patreon: patreon.com/eylul
prints: redbubble.com/people/azbulutlu

4 examples of my work below, and more upthread. :)

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I now have a growing thread of I guess? :)

Anyways, hello! :) I do .
I work with with a variety of media including among other things.

Below are 4 of my photographs created using different devices and techniques. You can also see more of my work upthread. :)

patreon: patreon.com/eylul
prints: redbubble.com/people/azbulutlu

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so again. :)

I am one of the here and do

a lot of these days along with digital illustrations and as well. Most of my work can be found scattered around in and tags.

Ok enough tags. Here are a few examples of my work:

mastodon.art/media/CWoEuiioWFX mastodon.art/media/MxFqcm-yHvu mastodon.art/media/z2DSDZr3Thn mastodon.art/media/efDqkLz-bQq

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The majority of y/our server’s cost spreading your art here is funded via & since [Liberapay offers no solution in the near/short/long term while they work out not being able to accept payments] we’re left with Patreon & cash.me - please switch your recurring donations back or alter your payments. Your support of y/our home here on • 🎨 is appreciated. Thank you.

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Thanks everyone who supported our release yesterday!

Most of CDR copies are going/gone to artists, but there's a small batch availablef for purchase. It comes with Kamizdat stickers.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:
It's all libre music - some rights reserved under conditions of BY-SA licence.

Download for free, name your price, or get this neat hexagon-shaped CDr:

ok wait.. correction. it does keep the connection. It just.. doesn't show in the typing interface? *is confused*

ok apparently, if you subtooted a toot (in this case my own) and delete and redraft, you lose that connection... good to know.

Some progress with the painting. Not nearly enough time spent in last 2 days but still got a solid 4-5 hours in today.

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@eylul I love that contrast against the wood grain ❤️

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Interview with the Coles on the Adventure Gamer; mentions switching to Ink (an open source scripting language) instead of the internal tool use we're using now. Yes, I'm behind that.


#HeroU #gamedev

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Last few attemps didn't go well, but sometimes it is about learning from mistakes: literally.

Well, we'll see if I learned enough. :)

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The blogging platform #Plume aims to be a federated open source alternative to #Medium, and is under active development.

It's still at a pre-Alpha stage, but you can get regular updates from the lead developer at @BaptisteGelez (the account is on a Plume instance but it federates through #ActivityPub, so you can follow it on Mastodon etc).

There's a demo Plume instance at:


Developers can find out more here:


#Blogging #Blogs #Alternatives

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Due to Quitter.no closing down, we have moved our official account to FLOSS.social. See:


The new account is:

its been a while since I did this reminder. but if you use




in your work...

if you use :ubuntustudio: or another distro as your work OS...

if you use / / software to create art or other type of creative works

/ tags are for you.

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I dont accept ads, or aggressive brand/s accts or paid toots (I’ve been approached) but I do support free & programs. We have some amazing creative orgs represented on the thru :mastodon: ’s super-scalable implementation.

If you havent tried them then you’re missing out (a-z). U have control over ur social & creative lives w

:blender: @Blender

:gimp: @GIMP
:inkscape: @inkscape
:krita: @Krita
:ubuntustudio: @ubuntustudio

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I'd like to see patronage of arts to be normalized as an ethical standard of civilized life. Like it's completely normal to stop on a red light - it's not because you feel sorry for those who are waiting to cross the street, but because it's normal, an agreed practice, a rule.

Every time I see an artist posting their patreon page asking for support because they can't make ends meet I feel sick because that person has to beg in this way. Then motivation for patronage has a color of pityness.

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@aldersprig @falgn0n @dansup’s :pixelfed: will federate here so decentralization & us owning our data is the win whether posted here or from there or from whatever Fediverse platform. I will also have a pixelfed & help Dan mod one too.

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@n Personal recommendations are the best way to find quality content. If you think about the 'old web' (pre auto-algorithm/social), that is how all content was really discovered. People linked to stuff and recommended stuff and word-of-mouthed stuff. The problem is we removed the people from the discovery/dissemination process and have gotten lazy with asking for and sharing good sources (and not just good articles).

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I'm not sure what the ettiquette and protocol on this is, but if you're a gamer and/or a Linux nerd and/or a musician then you may want to follow @garpu because she's pretty cool and is sorta new on #mastodon

Unless she doesn't want followers. I didn't really ask.