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So I guess it is a new / time. I do as well as other mediums of both traditional and electronic. Always behind work, these days more so than usual. :)

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So many new people here and across the fediverse! I guess it is time for another addition to my thread. :)

I am a cross disciplinary artist who works with a variety of media. I post a lot of here with some and

Most of my work can be found under and tags


4 examples of my work below, and more upthread. :)

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I now have a growing thread of I guess? :)

Anyways, hello! :) I do .
I work with with a variety of media including among other things.

Below are 4 of my photographs created using different devices and techniques. You can also see more of my work upthread. :)


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Talent is a myth.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not "gifted" enough to do art. All it takes is patience, focus and discipline, and those can be trained.

Look for the right teachers and learning material, surround yourself with artists better than yourself, and generally work a shit ton - you can make it.

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Prismo is an open federated alternative to sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

It's still under development, but the first instance is online here:

It's been in closed beta for a while, but Prismo now has open sign-ups for the first time.

You can sign up at:

#Prismo #Reddit #HackerNews #Fediverse #ActivityPub

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@eylul Cool! I'm going to have to try this when I have a chance!

...meanwhile some self promotion

One-off festival, featuring 65 1-second films (including my work "Make a Wish") will be available in public spaces this week (February 18-24, 2019) in Valencia(ES) and Gol(Norway) and internet

(at least mine is ;) )

I made a lens for my sony a6000 from an unused lens converter aluminum foil and masking tape to demo my students.

You don't need a 3-D printer and dedicated workshop to be a :bob_ross: (although they do help if you have access to them - which I don't 😉 )

The hardest part was to center the hole really. I did a first one with multiple holes punched until I found it, then I created a second one using the first as template

so... not only does package of discord runs without a hitch. It also makes having 2 copies of discord very easy to have.

...its for things like this that I like using (and in general)

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Ubuntu Studio updates in February 2019 Show more

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Started devoting time to #TwineCollab again! Here's the etherpad for anyone who wants to add anything: ( #twine #tutorials you've found useful, especially) Adding content to the page, setting up a sign up sheet, etc, right now in time for sign-ups to start beginning March 1st!

(Heavily inspired by #MusicCollab, of course, which you should check out, as sign-ups are now open!)

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I think it's not too much of a waste if I repeat here two simple tricks with in order to upload audio as video to mastodon:

1) test-tv image/animation:

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -i AUDIOFILE -shortest OUTPUT.webm

2) album cover or similar:

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i IMAGE.png -i AUDIOFILE -s 200x200 -shortest OUTPUT.webm

* with -s WWWxHHH you can adjust the size/resol. of the video

* instead of webm you can safely use mp4 as output extension - it will create an mp4 with x264/aac codecs

@Gargron and what is the final video file upload size in mastodon? is it 8Mb still?

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KJ at the Sap House

From upstate NY over a year ago (!) during my friends wedding. KJ was just chilling in the door of a barn, and the light was just wonderful!

#photography #artwithopensource #FreeSoftware #gimp #rawtherapee

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[THREAD] Videos from #GodotCon Brussels 2019

Thanks to @czlowiekimadlo we could stream GodotCon talks, and user Rayos sent me edited versions for each of them, which I'm now uploading with a detailed outline. I'll post links whenever they're online, and the playlist eventually.

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When you draw a bad line and you go to hit undo, but it was on paper.

I also just finished a thumbnail with pencil and paper, and tried to hit save. I'm going crazy. 😜

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I hope you'll join me at #SCaLE17x on Friday for the #LibreGraphics track! We have 6 exciting talks on a wide range of processes and applications!

#ArtWithOpenSource #art #foss #floss #FreeSoftware #krita #darktable #gimp

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Opportunity rover on Mars has sent it's last image. Sometime afterward it sent a final message:

"It is dark and my battery is low."

After the planetwide sandstorm of 2018, Opportunity was covered in dust and the windy season didn't clear it off. Now it is winter and Opportunity, unable to move to keep warm, will freeze.

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Congratulations to our friends in the @kde on their new Plasma 5.15 release! We are so proud of the exceptional work you have pulled off this cycle, and are thankful to have you working alongside us to develop the future of the libre desktop.

You all deserve a beer! 😋

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