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So I guess it is a new / time. I do as well as other mediums of both traditional and electronic. Always behind work, these days more so than usual. :)

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So many new people here and across the fediverse! I guess it is time for another addition to my thread. :)

I am a cross disciplinary artist who works with a variety of media. I post a lot of here with some and

Most of my work can be found under and tags


4 examples of my work below, and more upthread. :)

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I now have a growing thread of I guess? :)

Anyways, hello! :) I do .
I work with with a variety of media including among other things.

Below are 4 of my photographs created using different devices and techniques. You can also see more of my work upthread. :)


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so again. :)

I am one of the here and do

a lot of these days along with digital illustrations and as well. Most of my work can be found scattered around in and tags.

Ok enough tags. Here are a few examples of my work:

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Backstage is the frontstage.
Upstage is downstage.

Istra National Theater.

(BTW the music from this piece is available on my or Kamizdat's Bandcamp )

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rendering final first version of video documentation of contemporary dance piece in 18.12

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in a great end-of-the-year tradition, the nerds at darktable have a brand-spanking new 2.6 release now available!

congratulations darktable team on a fantastic release!

also, contributor Matthieu Moy has written up an extensive blog post detailing some of the awesome new features - give it a read as well:

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #darktable #raw #photography #artwithopensource

2018 has been a break from hectic previous years. No travel, quiet social media (have I really not posted a photograph in 2 months?)

Taught a full time class in using open sourced software (so many firsts right there), but mostly... much silence for revaluation after all the changes.

There is work to be done through, several large projects, several small ones.

Time to begin anew.

See you all on 2019. :)

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Hey friends! Here are some cool people to follow on this I can recommend each of these great people.

@charleskenny - Great writer about, and advocate for, animation

@Sori - friendly music maker and Linux/FOSS advocate

@eeldoodles - an enjoyable artist, and nice person

@noahbradley - Painter of fantasy landscapes; teacher of art. I've learned much from him.

@monarobot - a really unique artist!

@DaffyDaydreamer - such a sweet artist!

@eylul - FOSS advocate and artist!

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@MrRaptor no! they use :inkscape: Inkscape and :gimp: GIMP and Darktable and Kdenlive and Blender and UbuntuStudio

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Work in progress background art for a secluded area outside the castle.

#ArtWithOpenSource #GameDev #HeroU #Krita

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Too all the new people, especially the ex-#tumblr people here on the #mastodon or the #fediverse:

The fediverse we have different mastodon instances, with different regulations, but also other types of sites working within this fediverse. Such a #hubzilla, #pleroma, #friendica, and soon #pixelfed. All accommodating to different needs in regulation and user-interfaces. While still talking together.

Try stuff out, find comfortable place that suits you. :)


What makes mastodon the unique are the communities. Get to know the admins of your servers. They are people like you are! Support them if you can afford to. (or even run your own node, there even is a managed hosting service out there for mastodon)

multiple accounts or to move accounts happen. Don't worry about your metrics, you won't be penalized for them. Post quality content, interact with others. Chances are you will find the same reciprocated.

Welcome to mastodon! :)

10. your posts!


Hashtags are how we find new people and content. You can also pin individual tags to your dashboard.

When writing hashtags with multiple words in it remember to camelCase to make it easy on screen readers.


9. Take a look at your settings, you can customize your header, icons and information. You can actually verify your website and some social media links you put there.

Settings is also where you set your curate your experience. You can mute, block individuals or servers. You can require permission to follow you, filter out keywords. Change email settings etc.

8. There are 4 post types on mastodon.

PUBLIC is visible everyone.

UNLISTED is visible everyone too but is not listed on local and global timelines (replies to toots UNLISTED by default)

FOLLOWERS-ONLY posts are locked to only people who follows you.

DIRECT goes to only people mentioned on the toot. Note that admins can see the direct messages, think of it less as secret and more as not spamming everyone on your follower list by a long conversation.

7. You have several timelines on your dash. Home is people you follow, Direct messages are private conversations. Notifications are all mentions, boosts and favorites. Local timeline is posts from your server. Global timeline is everything that your server sees (not everyone, this one is a bit complicated to explain but briefly think of it like viewing distance in a game)

5. You can add up to 4 images to a post (a lot of us call them toots like tooting your horn) You can set up where your thumbnails will focus. Don't forget to add accessibility text to your images. You can also post short videos and gifs.

6. In mastodon, you can put posts under a cut. We use these for content warnings, nsfw content, joke punchlines, hiding too long posts. You can also mark images as sensitive. (how these are interpreted varies a bit on other fediverse software)

3. Nodes/instances/servers form the fediverse. Its a bit like like neighborhoods. You live somewhere, but you can also commute elsewhere. So you can communicate with people on another node. Your full username is @ username @ (without spaces)

4. Different servers can have different features. (e.g. different length of character by post) different file size limits. They might also have different community rules. Take a moment to read your page to learn more.

Belated welcome to artists who are moving here (and other people who came in hearing about this place :) ). Here are 10 tips if you are new here, in no particular order.

1. If you are new here / tags are a good way to introduce yourself (and makes it easy for others to recommend you and/or figure out if you want to follow them)

2. it is ok to ask questions and join conversations as long as you do it respectfully, a lot of us met new friends here.


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