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Quote/announcement templates to frame your queer message in asexual colours. Files free for non-profit use.
1/2 oval frames

"Ace to the bone". goes beyond race and culture; is inherently part of the human experience. Colour accents acknowledge the leading role of POC activists.
(Since this is pretty goth it might count as unoffical fanart for Yasmin Benoit)

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#eskulanak #crafts #manualidades #berrerabilpena #reusing #reutilización

Alanbre eta kable zaharra + puntadun aliketa + mailua + ingude txikia = omega formako fibula txukuna

Used wire and cable + narrow pliers + hammer + small anvil = nice omega-shaped fibula

Cable y alambre usados + alicates de punta estrecha + martillo + yunque pequeño = fíbula en omega bien maja

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Faisan doré dans la neige

#gravure sur bois polychrome, copie de l'époque Meiji (vers 1900) d’un dessin original (vers 1771) par Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800)

Been into the woods again. They're preparing an invasion. Our time is up.

Wow. You people really liked those oak trees posted yesterday. 😳 Here are a few more images from the same location.

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Weather was soooo beautiful today. Went for a walk among our local Mirkwood section.

Skull rising out of the ... Let's call it water, shall we? Coloured versions of a brush pen line art drawing.
CW: non-graphic horror

Line art drawing of a skull rising out of the water.
Colour versions on the way
CW: non-graphic horror

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A combination of Day 7: Haunted and Day 5: Plant/Flora. Someone's got lost in the woods...
P.S.: Got several spooky LGBTQ pieces in the making. Will probably post during Ace week.

You just know that poor soul is going to hurt themselves... quick 20 minute ink + coloured pencil sketch

Today is Fish Tank Floorshow Night. THE event to meditate in front of your aquarium. To celebrate this event here's a drawing of a Siamese fighting fish. Made with Pentel FP10, coloured versions done in photoshop.

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