Phew. Finally processed all recent photographs. Here's a closer look into the Red Sea.
CW: insect (cute bumblebee behind) in last image.

Yesterday was a good sunset to capture the last poppy field before it's gone.
Now onwards to post-processing...

in . That was worth getting soaked through to the bone. Taken almost three weeks ago, but processing took a while (all are shots stitched together from up to 13 images)#photography
Free wallpapers available via patreon and

@eyeling and I cant say one looks better than the other. Both are really grate!

@leah Thanks. I have a definite favourite. That sea of red. So glad that local farmer started to sell Randstreifenblühmischungen two years ago which results in several of his fields looking like that.

@leah I don't know. Probably just selling them to bis suppliers who are handling distribution. The farmer in question is a very nice person (I'm allowed to go into the fields and shoot on his grounds), but he's quite traditional. That "newfangled eco stuff" is more of a business opportunity than depply personal conviction.

@eyeling @leah "Randstreifenblühmischung" is my new favourite word in German! :D Closely followed by Schabrackentapir! And I like that sea of red as well. Especially against that nice evening sky! Scrumptious!

@MalteHollmann Schabrackentapir??? That is MY new favourite word. And thanks

@MalteHollmann Yeah, just looked it up. Also had to check the ethymology of "Schabracke", because so far I only new that as a curse word. And whoa, that is a mean one.

@eyeling Haven't quite gotten it yet! I knew it as a curseword too but so far I couldn't find an explanation how a word for "Satteldecke" became an abusive word!

@eyeling Ouch! 😬 Yep, that second theory is a real mean one! Thanks for sharing!

@eyeling both give such different vibes too, lovely pictures

@eyeling uhh, that looks impressive like Day & Night. 😳😀👍

@Orthy Rawtherapee + CS5 . Both are vertical panoramas of 5-6 images stitched together. There are of course colour enhancements, but I didn't replace the sky or any such nonsense.

@eyeling I also love what a difference a few hours can make. Visiting poppy fields atr noon versus visiting poppy fields at like 6/7pm is a hugeee difference.

@daniel_bohrer Thanks. I can't wait for better weather to get out there again.

@eyeling I particularly like how the clouds come forward on this shot. And damn, SO many poppies! Beautiful scene.

@mope Thanks. I love those fields. A local seed producer has quite a lot of them round here.

@eyeling absolutely gorgeous! I'm in California and our state flower is the poppy, but ours are bright orange, occasionally yellow.

@PrincessPie Oh, I didn't know that! I thought they only came in red, pink and white!

@eyeling yeah ours are practically neon they're so bright! I love in the high desert but we can have an incredibly intense wildflower bloom in spring that is just amazing! All the orange in the attached photo is poppies. 😀


@eyeling yeah. I've lived here for more than 30 years and I'm still blown away by the flowers in Spring!

@futureisfoss Yeah. Once in a blue moon my home town shows its appeal...

@eyeling Judging by your photos that must be a nice place to grow up in, so much nature there :)

@futureisfoss Indeed a great place for kids. Many open fields and forests around. Great for walking and biking.
Very conservative, though. And few culture things to do.

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