. Post 1 of probably 145? Well, not quite, will try to weed it out a bit and only do 4-5 posts. But they're so fascinating.

It seems a car makes quite a decent makeshift photo studio for shooting fragile objects. Who knew a wet can be easily mounted on the rear-view mirror with the help of your trusty NK95 mask. 😅
those was less fun, though. .

love these pictures !
and their description, too !
fascinating close-ups

@monumentale Thank you. Glad to see ppl reading the alttext, too.

I try to check the description out all the time
I think it's important and sometimes gives a little further information on the picture

@eyeling really like the first one. Such beautiful colors but yet so subtle.

@mpmilestogo Thank you. I'm quite satisfied considering those were shot in harsh midday light.

@bearislive That wasn't actually on purpose, only noticed it afterwards. Sometimes, Freud is on your side.

Really great images! I like the depth of focus.
Thank you for sharing.

@DerGrantler Thank you. Focusstacking is a lot of work and gets complicated with dandelions. It took a while to get it right.

Wait, they're stacked? I wa so taken by the visuals I didn't even pay attention to the technique...
I can only spot it on tue third look and after reading your comments.

How did you do that? I wouldn't think you'd get Dandelions to hold still enough for multiple exposures. My own attempts at focus stacking with much less complicated things are looking much more hazy.
Also: Which software did you use?

@Mr_Teatime It's a superpower. Well, not quite. Just a wind still day and the well practised breathing-technique you get after years of shooting macro without a tripod (because they're more often hindrance than help). This was a stack of I think 8 (?) pictures put together via Photoshop, but some post-editing by hand was needed. You are completely right about the complexity. I underestimated that at first. Cursing helps when moving tiny stems together that didn't quite knit well via software.

oh wow! Including manual focus racking? but ... parallax errors? How long did the blending take per photo?

my attempts used Hugin for alignment and enblend's contrast-based blending, but I suspect manual blending can always do better, as with some of my more challenging panoramas.

I probably won't find the time to try again too soon but I think I'll try using magic lantern for automatic focus-racking, get enblend to export the layers and masks, then continue by hand.

@Mr_Teatime Yep. At one point I was close to throwing it all away and go back to drawing faces. Sometimes that's actually less effort. Re time... Phew. Probably 4 hrs for the first image (= 3-4 different angles, with only one resulting in a useable finished picture)?
TBH I don't know half of the programs you're referencing. Will definetly have a look at those!

I'm a bit of a free software nerd so...

Hugin is nice, although development has slowed down. It's my universal tool to align and stitch panoramas, HDR photos, HDR panoramas, exposure blending, focus stacking... If tje photos are done right, it gets 90% done automatically. Otherwise it can take some time. It uses enblend for blending pictures under the hood, but I think there are options to make it export the layers plus blend maps.

Magic Lantern is a free Firmware "upgrade" for some Canon cameras.Allows my trusty 6D to do all kinds of nice things. Focus racking is one of them.

I mostly use it for auto-ETTL: after each raw photo, it can auto-adjust exposure to avoid clipping highlights. Can also do time lapse oder auto-exposure-bracketing, where it analyses the scene and decides what range of exposures is needed.

@Mr_Teatime I'll have a look at Hugin, the Latern won't work, though (Nikon user here ;)

ML is one of the more important reasons I haven't upgraded my 2012 camera yet: It hasn't been adapted to any of the EOS R mirrorless cameras yet, and since Canon keeps developing new stuff and ML is done by people in their spare time, it may not ever catch up with the latest cameras.

I wish something like that existed for all cameras, but I fear it's only getting harder as cameras become more complex

@eyeling Ah, never mind, I see you did focus stack for all of these photos, even handheld. Great results!

@MLISrevenge Thanks. I'm not quite satisfied with the stacking (you can see the blurry edges around the one sharf seed), but learnt a lot while doing it.
And through your comment, a new word. 🤣

@callalily Thanks. I'm still struggeling with stacking objects in this size, but it was satisfying.

@eyeling tolle Fotos! Hast du ein extra Makroobjektiv benutzt? Und hast du den Samen beim ersten und zweiten Foto rausgezogen oder lag es schon so toll? Du kannst für die höhere Reichweite auch gerne auf Englisch antworten.

@dithmarshall Ja, die Bilder sind mit einem Makro gemacht (Tamron 90mm). Das Motiv wurde nur einmal mit kräftigem Pusten inszeniert. Wenn du danach einen Samen bewegen willst, bewegst du alle. Zurechtrücken geht höchstens mit Pinzette und so pedantisch bin ich nicht. 😅

@eyeling These are absolutely amazing!! If you ever choose to release any of these images into the creative commons, one is going into the rotation of wallpapers on my laptop :)


"Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." - Mary Oliver

*Love* these - especially the close-up of seeds in the upper right. 👏 👏 👏

@eyeling Wow. Beautiful work! I'm a sucker for a good macro shot. 😜

@eyeling I love the color pallet of these shots. The clarity of all the little fibers on the seeds is excellent too. <3

@SquareZer0 Thank you. That took quite a bit of work. Automatic processing for those stacks didn't do much.

@eyeling richtig coole Bilder! Ich weiß ich hatte schon Mal gefragt, aber was für ein Makro objektiv nutzt du?

@leah Danke. Langsam kommen auch die Bilder raus, die sollen. Alle Möglichkeiten auszuloten, dauert länger als manche Motive in der Natur verfügbar sind. Und dann heißts ein Jahr warten.
Das Glas ist ein Tamron 90mm F2.8 für Nikon.

@eyeling hahaha ja das Problem kenne ich nur zu gut. Ich hab auch jetzt um die Sonnenwende wieder ein Bild im Kopf und bin gespannt ob es diese Jahr was wird.

Btw. Das erste Bild mit dem orangenen Hintergrund, hast du da ein Stück Karton oder farbiges Papier dahinter gehalten oder wie ist das entstanden?

@leah Ja, dann ist alles genauso so wie man es haben will und das Wetter stimmt nicht. Blegh.
Alle "Studioaufnahmen" sind in einer kleinen Softbox entstanden, mit Diffusor-Ringlichtern durch die Seite. Und ja, farbiges Papier dahinter geklemmt.

@eyeling oh spannend, daran dass die in einer Softbox im quasi Studio entstanden sein könnten hab ich gar nicht gedacht.

Bei mir braucht es für das Bild leuchtenden Nachtwolken, also noch mehr Zufall beim Wetter 😂

@leah Also nicht nur Wetter, sondern auch noch der passende Mond ...? Das wird spannend :D

@eyeling ne der passende Mond ist es nicht. Sind sehr hohe Eiswolken, die nur angestrahlt werden weil die Sonne nicht zu weit unterm Horizont steht.

@eyeling oder meintest du das der Mond nicht stört?

@leah Nein, anders. Ich dachte, du meinst einen Mond, der die Wolken anleuchtet. Sehr herausfordernd fotografisch, gab früher sogar Maler, die sich darauf spezialsisierten:
Die Eiswolken sehen aber sogar noch besser aus.

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