Tiny Myosotis very big. It's strange how different, almost artificial and heavy they look in photos.

More May flower photos. Stellaria and germander speedwell. Both these and last week's forget-me-nots are available as 4k wallpapers here:

@eyeling they're one of my favorite flowers 🥰​ thanks for sharing these great macro photos :) nice art

@eyeling yeay thank you vm! my fav is the second one, i like the colors and composition best :) but they're all great

@eyeling these are all lovely shots, I do like that phase where they are purple tinged (as seen nicely here)


@eyeling indeed! They look like Playmobil flowers.

I looked up the reference of it's name related to remembrance.
In quite a few languages it's linked

From French Wikipedia article:
Selon une légende, un chevalier et sa dame se promenaient le long d'une rivière. Il se pencha pour lui cueillir une fleur, mais perdit l'équilibre à cause de son armure et tomba à l'eau. Alors qu'il se noyait, il lança la fleur vers sa dame en criant « Ne m'oubliez pas ! » Cette symbolique est par exemple aussi utilisée dans le poème de la cantate Vergißmeinnicht.

Cette phrase pour désigner la fleur est d'ailleurs restée en allemand (das Vergissmeinnicht — le mot vient de l'ancien allemand vergiss mein nicht, on dit aujourd'hui vergiss mich nicht), en anglais (forget-me-not), en espagnol (nomeolvides), en italien (nontiscordardimé), en polonais (niezapominajki), en chinois (chinois simplifié : 勿忘草 ; pinyin : wùwàngwǒ) et dans beaucoup d'autres langues (danois, néerlandais (vergeet-mij-nietje), roumain, etc.).


@wendy @eyeling j'ai lu qu'elles sont aussi appelées oreille-de-souris. Sans doute du fait que le nom latin latin myosotis découle du grec muosôtis (oreille de souris).

Très bonnes les photos 🙂.

@eyeling one of my all time favourite flowers, they always make me think of my little sister. I should call her. ☺️

@asiniy Yeah. Was very surprised myself when seeing them of the big screen for the first time.

@arkadiusz Oh, I like those aged tones. Really brings out those tiny blue dots!

@eyeling I love how they are also called 'forget-me-not'. So sweet!

@eyeling I tried something similar this week. I got the clip-on macro lens from a thrift store. Has a narrow depth of field so my results aren't as lovely as yours!

@bitterjug Narrow DOF macros are the best, imo. Yes, it's more challenging, but really drives home the closeness of subjects.
That it made with a clip-on? Very good result. As nice as they are, those usually cause colour abberations and blurred edges.
Plus: It's the photogeapher that counts, tools are secondary. And your composition's very fitting, leading the eye to the best part of the shot.

@eyeling Gorgeous flowers/pictures. I like these so much that I'm using one of them for my computer background now.

@henshaw Thanks. I feel honored. I was going to prepare a wallpaper-pack anyway, so if you want a higher resolution...

@eyeling yes, I would love a higher resolution of all of them if possible.

@eyeling I'll also add that the composition and colors in this one make it look like a painting. This is superb nature photography to me.

@eyeling ah, and after looking more closely, I saw this. I think that's probably the best way to share high-res versions. You gotta make a living 😀 I'll go that route.

@henshaw Those wallpaper packs are indeed included. Will upload later today. Thank you for subscribing. :)

@henshaw Glad you enjoy. :) More to come. P.S.: There will be printable calenders in November, so staying on will provide cheap Christmas presents ;)

@eyeling Ko-fi shop looks neat! And as always, awesome images!

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