Last week was amazing. Blue sky and glittering snow melt. Found this poor shrub in the shadow of a barn totally encased in ice which was slowly dripping away. A dozen or so crisp images more to come once all the stacks are processed.

New leafs partially encased in melting ice. Both so fragile and pretty. . Additional shots can be found on my patreon page:


This one came out with a colour palette we sadly know far to well.
So if you'd like to use this image fighting for our climate or just want to nitpick my stacking efforts - you can download the full resolution file for free on my patreon (CC-BY-NC-SA).

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Last ice for this season. Also my personal favourites of the series due to their . There are free HD wallpapers of both shots on my patreon page (CC-BY-NC-SA).

@bouncinglime Thank you. I was amazed myself how good they came out.

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