@Callalily It's a strange place, though. It's not an alley, the street is actually next to it. Just two parallel rows of trees close to a local patch of wood with seemingly no purpose or connection to the surrounding fields. Portal to fairyland???

@eyeling interesting. maybe there once was a street between the trees…
did you look where it leads to? 🙂

@daniel_bohrer There are barely two meters of space between those trees. And the whole "alley" runs parallel to a street connecting woodland and open fields in Nowhere, BaWü. Perhaps some kind of wind breaker? I'll try to ask some natives...

@leebee That also reflects how fog cushions sounds. There's a tender silence despite the ugly weather.

@eyeling @leebee That sound deadening is what I love, that and the low visibility.

@eyeling beautiful, and very atmospheric. I always love your photos 😊

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