More glittery hoar frost on leafs. Such a lovely morning in late December.
Only had half an hour before work so these were shot around the parking lot. Went inside the building afterwards. Only to meet a colleague who asked if I had "noticed a big black thing lying in the grass next to your car? The boss wanted to ask if someone needed help". 🙈
And this, enbys, ladies and gentlemen, is why we don't do in populated areas.

@eyeling Oh man! I want to capture something like this someday.

Closest I got so far(and it's not even that close cause i'm a pure amateur/beginner)

@mgrondin I only started "serious" photography due to the pandemic. Frequent practice is worth more than any equipment. This was shot before work near a parking lot. So my only technical tip is: Get as close to your subject (I was flat on the frozen ground. Had ppl asking if anything was wrong 😅). Okay, second + third tip: Take a blanket with you and avoid busy areas.

@eyeling Thanks for the tips. Mine was also shot before work in my front yard LOL. I originally went out to tkae a shot of my foot print in the fresh snow but the snow was not as sticky as it needed to be to make a good foot print. This leaf caught my eye so I shot it. When I finally got it developed I was quite pleased with the results.

@mgrondin See, you're already hardcore because you prefer analogue over the instant gratification of digital. That's a totally different learning curve!

@eyeling Fantásticas y heladoras fotografías, pero la última de las cuatro imágenes que compartes, es una auténtica obra de arte. ❄️😯

@bobfisherphoto Gracias. Los cristales de escarcha están tan agrandados como otro planeta.

@eyeling Hay la macrofotografía.... pura magia de los pequeños detalles. 📸

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