I don't have a single patriotic bone in my body. But I'm a firm believer in German Christmas being the best Christmas. Decoration, food, mythology...
I'm prepared to die on that hill.

@eyeling having spent some time in Germany during December, I totally agree! They do it very very well. 🎄🎄🎄

@eyeling I lived in Germany for a few years! I love the old cozy, beautiful buildings. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy especially in winter.

@Nmhfj If only we had winter nowadays. 😟 I really miss the cold to achieve that cozyness.

@eyeling Until quite recently, I thought of #Rothenburg as a genuine medieval town. But then I learned that almost 50% of its buildings were destroyed in WW2 (and many more were damaged). The Rothenburg we know today was mostly re-built in the 1950s. 🙀

@kernpanik As were most larger towns in the area. I'm just happy it escaped all those architectural sins from the 1950ies-70ies.

@eyeling For 50 weeks of the year I hate touristy, but over Xmas I quite like it 😊

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