Currently last batch of foggy autumn photos. I love these especially. This place is so calm, yet otherworldly in these weather conditions.

@eyeling woaaah… 😍

What is the process here btw? just a removal of the infrared filter in front of the sensor, or is there postprocessing involved to get these colours? (I'm trying to figure out whether these leaves are really red, it just very warm… 😁)

@daniel_bohrer Foggy conditions somehow make 550nm IRs look more natural - was very surprised myself - especially considering 700nm fog images usually are ugly as F.
The pink and mint pic is the end result of standart post-processing in RAWtherapee. I used selective colour manipulation and heavily toned down the bright red, but left some of the overly-cyan sky in some pictures.

@daniel_bohrer Same location, similar weather conditions, but a normal photo shot on my phone from last year:

@eyeling thank you for the explanation! so I guess automatic white balance does not work at all on these types of pictures?

@daniel_bohrer Afaik it only works relaibly with the 600nm IR filter - which I do not own. I prefer manual in post anyway. You can play with the amount of blue and the intensity of the red you can have in an image. If you're interested in it, maybe I can stream my IR post-processing someday.

@eyeling thank you for the offer, I'd love to learn about it, but I'll probably have no time to watch it live…

@Callalily Thanks. Was surprised myself how calming they turned out.

@hhardy01 @Callalily Converted digital camera. This video explains the whole process, even if a bit lengthy:

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