A very good friend started keeping a few years back. Due to private and you-know-why-reasons we were unable to see each other for three years. Now we had a chance to meet in person again and I was introduced to her beautiful busy girls. CW: . (But they're sooooo cute and fluffy!!! Please have a look!)

@Eyeling Wonderful photos! Bees are so fascinating creatures!

@harald Oh yes. And much more gentle than expected. I was able to get very close without them reacting in any way (of course their human was always close by to supervise)

@Eyeling It depends a lot on the individual hive. Some are very calm, while others are more agressive again. A friend had several hives around Oslo at some point.

When we visited one of them, a couple of scouts came out and ensured that I stayed on a safe distance. If i tried to come closer they came for me, but as long as I stayed a certain distance away, they left me alone and just idled on their side of the perimeter. Very fascinating.

@harald My friend told me her hives (she's got three) mostly react to weather changes, but are in of themselves rather calm - they were pretty chilled for the whole weekend. She advised me to not block their landing strip and move very slowly, and I was able to get incredibly close (20cm) without any freakouts. Of course we were appropriatly attired. Photographing in that bloody suit was actually the most difficult bit.

@Eyeling I can imagine. But the photos turned out amazing, so great job!

@eyeling @harald I had to do the varroa treatment this week at my 5 hives. 4 stayed totally calm and one was freaking out. Really, i was scared. But no sting. 💪

@Wheniam64 @harald No sting? From what I gathered from my friend that is quite an achievment. She told me she took half a dozen hits during her last anti-varroa intervention (since she became allergic that nearly meant a trip to hospital).

@eyeling @harald No sting. But last year it was not this good. I got hit 10-20 times. But for me it's not so problematic

@matt Really hard to decide which ones to use. None of them is perfect but every other shot has a nice detail or angle...

Today peaceful bees. 

@eyeling I had taken this photo on a peaceful day.

Today peaceful bees. 

@kandid Awwww! 😍 Are those yours?

Today peaceful bees. 

@eyeling Ja, habe die drei Bienen in einem meiner Völker photographiert. Die Aufnahme stammt von 2016. Diesen Winter hatte ich alle Völker bis auf eines verloren. Jetzt bin ich allerdings wieder für 8 Völker zuständig. Darunter 4 eingefangene Schwärme. Und ein Volk gehört meiner Tochter. Die Jahre davor konnte ich immer Schwärme an andere Imker abgeben. Aber diese Jahr muss ich erst wieder die Völker aufbauen.

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