A friend's garden at sunset in oversaturated insta-colours. This may not be exactly how it looked, but rather like it felt to sit there.

@eyeling I love that you enhanced this image to look like it felt, I try to do the same.
I so often wish I had all my friends and family with me when I cant get that feeling of being there.

@greenpete THIS. Photography still comes with the expectation of "capturing things as they are" (which it does not).

@eyeling it gives it an interesting almost-extraterrestrial atmosphere; I like it!

@eyeling Nice pics. About oversaturation or any kind of colour processing, I have nothing against as long as it's "tasty" and the image has something to say. GG!

@eyeling my garden is the same at the moment - positively iridescent!

The colours are so intense they create a halo like effect, kinda like I imagine how bees see flowers, check out some ultraviolet florescence photography!!

Wonderful balance! Often when I try saturating colors it turns out like a neon sign, but here... 😍

Would you explain a bit how you did that? It's okay if you don't want to, it's your style after all 😄

@Mopsi That's not easy to explain. Actually, I probably couldn't even recreate the image. You know how it is... You try this and that ... Until it fits. But generally:
1) Adjust contrast & curves to soften shadows and bring out indirect lights
2) Use "selective colour". Several times, often different settings on different layers. I have several presets for certain 'moods'. This is an imitation if instagram's "Cairo" I puzzled together last year for some autumn shots.
3) Sharpen & Scale down.

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