@eyeling The little drops of water are nice, but what makes these photos so phenomenal (in my eyes) is the perspective: It's almost like being inside the seedhead. Amazing! 😮

I've just this weekend done some macro photography and of a Dandelion clock.
I was quite pleased with my work too, but now I'm not so much...

@greenpete Why not be pleased with your work? My old art prof used to tell me that there's nothing new under the sun except the person you are. So the only thing an artist has to step up to is their own demons - and comparing one's work to others can be harmful in that regard.
(So ...dhe says, regulary grumbling about other ppl being soooo much more talented).

Thank you! I am pleased with my work, it was more the timing of having just done pretty much the same shots as you but my images only being ok.
I am using a camera that was dropped in mud (hence the reason I could afford it) and a set of cheap plastic macro tubes (off of ebay), so I am happy with the results I guess 😀

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