Interested how animals look in infrared photography? Two of my friend's cats were nice enough to assist.
Light intensity seems to be key. Personally I prefer the almost natural look achievable with indirekt light.

@eyeling Really?
This looks more like colour mapping to me.

@eyeling I have to say it looks weird but I couldn't say it's not infrared.
I should probably keep my mouth shut! 🙃

@greenpete the 550nm filter lets in some visible light, thus creating the colourful effects. Maybe you have the 700nm images in mind?

@eyeling I have been playing a lot with using colour mapping to enhance commercial photographs and your IR shots looked so much like some of the results I have been getting (that I didn't want) and I probably had a specific type of IR image in mind, like say this one...

@greenpete That's thermographic imaging. Similar wavelength, different visualisation technique.

@eyeling Maybe questioning things is a good thing, I learned something today, thanks! 🙂

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