Variants of colour-IR. That 550nm filter is quite versatile. Gold and red hues are both possible in editing.

@eyeling Nice photos, did you removed the IR-Filter from the camera?

@kumicota Yes, I had a used Nikon D7100 converted. I've been photographing infrared for almost 20 years and not depending of a tripod opens a whole new world!

@eyeling hi, this is cool! can you explain how it is done a little? you shoot IR and then can extract these images in the lab?

@eyeling Are you photographing animals? I had parrots in the past and I learned that they can see infrared and they identify gender based on differences in the IR spectrum. Also peococks seem to look interesting in infrared. There are not a lot of infrared animal pics on the web. So - it might be interesting to visit a zoo with the cams. Not sure which wave length would make sense..., try both?

@sh Wait for caturday... I photographed my friends cats yesterday. :)
I find animals tend to look weird, especially birds. insects look cool. I got 1-2 of those currently waiting to be processed. Will probably post them next week.
I can't wait to get back into zoos to sketch and photograph. Hopefully this will be possible again soon.

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