Rediscovering . It's been a few years, but a friend of a friend offered a converted camera for next to nothing, so I couldn't say no.

@leah Thanks, that is also my personal favourite. 💜

@eyeling Still disappointed that I've never had the chance to play with infrared photography. I really do need to fix that sometime. Were these taken on film?

@InvaderXan It's a lot of fun! No film, all digital. An old Nikon D70. Converted to block light below 680nm. So no tripod hassle or glass filters. A true blessing.

@eyeling Hmmm... This sounds like something I should look into!

@InvaderXan Oh yes! Almist all new cameras lack native ir-sensibility (for good reason). But If you got an older camera around, you can have the ir block removed. Depending on where you are, you have services like kolarivision who do that professionally.

@eyeling love these shots! I have a roll of infrared film in the fridge, I can't wait to be done with my current roll so I can try it out :)

@wxcafe You've got my sincierest admiration. I've always lacked the patience and resilience needed to master film photography.
Hioe you have a lot of fun with that ir-roll.

@eyeling haha thanks, I've been doing it in a kinda laid-back way tbh, but it's given me some pretty good shots so far :) After looking at your images im kinda obsessed with converting a digital camera to IR though...

@wxcafe You're in NYC? There's a service near to you where you can have a a cam converted professionally.

@eyeling yeah I saw that! but to do that I would need both a spare camera and a bit of money, so I'm more thinking of like getting a cheap second hand older one and doing it myself ^^ probably not for today though

@eyeling oh actually nvm they seem to have relatively cheap point & shoots, I might have a look at that some time

@RussSharek Thanks. Yeah, that strange, not-quite-real look is the best.

@eyeling @RussSharek its “etherial” imho, is the only english word i’ve ever thought almost didnt fit, but kind of did. =) hey eyeling! how art thou?

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