When it snows around Christmas the German Erzgebirge is the most beautiful place on Earth.
Normally these locations are full of tourists enjoying skiing and seasonal markets. Wandering around the market with its pyramid, music blarring from the speakers, nobody there ... quite surreal.

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@eyeling Few years ago I visited Seiffen for a few days during December. A very magical place! 🤩

@fluffyfied You faced that tourist trap in December? You're much braver than I am! 🤣
But you're right. It's a lovely little village.

@eyeling 2020 is a great year for photograpers. No people around.

Beautiful place!

@Lana I'd rather have a normal year with people to photoshop out of .jpgs from places I'm allowed to travel. But yeah, I do admit it is calming to have certain spots to ourselves as locals. It also helps you (re)discover places you set aside as boring.

@eyeling I won't argue about having a normal year would be great too. 😉

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