Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these.

NE Switzerland is not far away and has the same issues with fog during this time of the year. But IF the sun comes out things are turning from creepy to glorious... and sometimes the sun's not needed at all thanks to the colours of the leaves.
Pics taken in #Winterthur, and yep: #nofilter

@bikejourno Those are some really atmospheric mountains I envy you that scenery!

@eyeling Those are great shots. My hometown in Bavaria is a fog magnet and I miss the silent autumn days when a walk along the river turns into the perfect set for a music video. :)

@tsturm If that ava is hinting towars your current location you folks too got a lot of dense atmosphere his season. 😥
But no winter fogs in Cali? What a shame

@eyeling We live close to the Golden Gate and we get lots of fog in spring and summer. But now in winter it usually stays clear - the air is crisp and clean from the ocean and in December and January we get regular rainstorms.

I love it. We used to get nice heavy fog in the wee hours here in SW Florida USA. Not anymore though, too warm.

@eyeling When I moved to Germany it took some time to get used to all the corpses hanging around.

@VictorVenema ??? When did you move here? We haven't been into that for about 2000 years.

@eyeling are those balls those parasitic plants? Noticed them a bunch in Germany but notice them fairly little in the Netherlands for some reason.

@jasper Yeah, that's Mistletoe. You get them a lot in Southern Germany, nit so much in other regions afaik.

@eyeling This may just be because I'm nostalgic for walking around at night in the cold, but these look comfy. That cold sort of comfy.

@eyeling FOOOOOG!
Amazing photographs and I love the fog :D
And those stone crosses, we have (or we had, need to check again) one in our village. Their aesthetic goes really well with all obscuring fog.

@Primo Thanks. Afaik they are conciliation crosses. I don't know about the history of this particular one.

@Jonathan Cool. Due to winter in the Southern Hemisphere or other weather phenomena?

Wonderful photos! Can you talk a bit about the post processing you did? I love those colors!

@Mopsi Picture of my usual workflow attached. However, there wasn't much to edit on those photos posted above. Just a bit of step 3 and done. Sometimes the weather does all the work for you...

@eyeling ok no that one with the cross? back to silent hill with that nonsense

@eyeling Southern Germany is even more creepy a couple of weeks before. It's called "Oktoberfest" and is really terrifying.

@pennylane Not this year. ;)
Though I must say I miss our local autumn festivals. Drinking is not the most important attraction and easily avoided if you're not into it.

@eyeling It took turns snowing and raining on me today at work too. Then ice fog, but I didn't find it creepy, I found it peaceful and nice. Very quiet.
Yesterday a raven would just not Shut! Up! I didn't even know they could sound like that! It was yowling like a cat! And really loud.
Bunch of bald eagles around; keep circling. We thought maybe salmon were in our creek again, but I can't see any. Maybe just after the rabbits. IDK. I see coyote tracks too, so maybe the rabbits.

@eyeling I live in the mid-north of a province called british columbia in a town next to the pan-handle of alaska, so it's Situation Normal really. I just like it :-)
As I said in another post, it was kind of weird yesterday not seeing any bears, because there were two black bears with us on the slope just the day before.
There's nothing to eat really (except us! :-) ) and they should really go to bed!
We did dump 100+ poor apples for them to eat up top though. They eat anything.

@gemlog @wim_v12e Hopefully, you placed the food faaaaaar away from your house. I understand those poor things need supplements due to the climate crisis, but I can't imagine they make good neighbours.

The slope we're on is around 32 hectares - we can stay away from each other no problem. There is a spot we dump e.g. scallop shells, apples, deer carcass... on purpose in an out of the way spot, but Mr. Bear roams all over eating berries, taking apart trees for ants - whatever.
There are lots of bears in my province. And moose. Buddy's son saw 18 moose in 1 hr the other day. I'm more afraid of Bullwinkle than I am Winnie the Pooh quite frankly. Moose are always cranky!

@gemlog @wim_v12e THAT I can believe. Only know them from a Wildlife-Zoo in the area, but they don't seem very chill once you disturb them. Aren't they avoiding human settlements, though?

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