Weather was soooo beautiful today. Went for a walk among our local Mirkwood section.

Wow. You people really liked those oak trees posted yesterday. 😳 Here are a few more images from the same location.

@Scrith Yes, they're kudos to Instagram. ;) Still haven't managed to recreate those in Photoshop. True colours:

Play with your curves ;)

They're real sensitive, but also super powerful.

Also split toning, and color blending a solid color layer can net you some pretty awesome results

@Scrith I'll have a look. It's just a tool I rarely work with so it feels foreign.

Look into Lightroom. It has the basic photo tools, plus some basic coloring. Not quite as powerful as photoshop, but you can still achieve results like the insta filters, and it's much more streamlined and easy to use than photoshop

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