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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

Currently reading a book on German mythology. Reprint of a work from 1898.
Truly thrilling on a etymological and sociocultural level.
But take a sip of wine for each racist and/or sexist interpretation made by the author and you're off your tits reaching chapter 2.
(Note: This is already a revised edition from 1990 with the worst stuff cut out).

Victoria is from Pennsylvania. Finding out about being was life changing for her, but is still complicated after surviving sexual trauma. She is thankful for finding a place she feels comfortable in.

Thank you so much for the collaboration, @gingerrroot! πŸ’œ

To honour their ancestors, Romulus + Remus and the 🐺 (=lupa), fields were annointed with the blood of a freshly weaned puppy. Young priests of the cult ran through the city, clothed only in thongs cut from from the skin of freshly sacrificed goats and threw the rest it it around. Women wishing for a child to be struck and therefore blessed with fertility.
Somehow the church disapproved and banned the festival 5th cent AD. 🀷
Pity. 2/2

Not into Valentine's Day? How about an alternative?
LUPERCALIA has zombies, streakers in leader thongs and dead puppies!

Ok, the last one might be a turn-off, but hear me out:
Every year Feb 13th-15th ancient Romans performed a ritual spring cleaning rite to expell bad spirits and plead for fertility. One year they forgot and the spirit of their ancestors rose to haunt them till it was rectified. 1/2

Hitler, art, abuse/incest, capitalism (yes, all of those, really) Show more

Found this on my HD. Taken 2017 in Rome.
The Ancients sure loved their cats. Each of these tiny little stones is under 5mm.
(Mosaic from 200-150 BC. Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome) belated

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A 30-foot copper mirror was found in the bottom of the Dead Sea and was displayed as an exhibit in a museum in New York. All of the visitors who stood infront of it to see their reflection were either terrified or intrigued. The mirror reflected who they were in their previous lives.
#writingprompts #writing

Yesterday's over Southern Germany (Damn, it was cold! Laptop on frost strike after one hour. We earned new respect for homeless people).
No colour manipulation, individual images are composites of different exposures, but those blueish hues are caused by Earth's atmosphere being reflected. Shot with Celeron CPC800.

Johannes is a computer science student from Eastern Germany. Influenced by their own experiences with marginalisation as an asexual they felt motivated to join the free software movement to engage in social issues.

Thank you so much for the collaboration, @hay πŸ’œ

Poor little Pluto. But nobody likes to hang out with gasbag bullies anyway. So your loss.

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why is it that every hardcore apocalypse prepper takes survival notes from Lord of the Flies instead of like learning how to cook and sew

I'm thinking about creating portraits of /#aro people to increase our visibility.
Anybody interested in modeling?

I like this line art approach to lighting and depth. Will try more of this in 2019.
There also should be more (respectful) nude portraits of old people. Those bodies have stories to tell. CW: some

Bodies come in all sizes, all shapes, all ability levels, all genders, all sorts of ways of moving and existing and manifesting, all holy and beautiful and each and every one made in the divine image, in its own way.
--- Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

A beautiful message to take with us to the new year.

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When you post something on Mastodon designed to get boosts and likes, that's called "mastobait"

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I ALSO didn't post this one anywhere! I don't think I even intended this to be a zine submission. Anyway my fav part of this is the little guy in the lantern.

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