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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

Maybe it's time to save up for a macro... so many amazing details missed here... Any recommendations for lenses that don't bleed you dry?

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I had so much fun with my Lava Lamps design yesterday that I spent most of today trying new variations with different pens.

Five variations of this drawing are now available on

These drawing use two or three colored pens. The shading is created programmatically by aligning bars of color (or white space). All designs in this series are unique, using a new random seed to produce different shapes.

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"Trans to the bone"
[skull dripping trans colours]
This is dedicated to a dear friend in Cologne and all those fellow Aces who are also trans.

This is my favourite oak tree. It got gnarly limbs that hang like an awning and frame a window into eternity.

Wow. Never ecpected this amount of positive feedback for a few foggy snapshots. Though ... You do know how conditioning works, yeah? This means there will be more photo posts.
Seriously: Thank you kindly for all your comments, shares and stars. πŸ’œ

Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these.

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Finally got around to process all the oak-tree-in-autumn-photos from October.
I'll try not to spam too much in coming days/weeks. But the colours were so amazing! Not quite as vibrant as shown below, but there's no other way to translate standing bathed in rusty golden light below those giants. suggested "playing with my curves" 🀨 Well, I did and this came out. Well, fun was had.

Symbolism explained (sorry screen reader ppl for using a graphic ... Basics are in the description of original image above)

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An Ace crest, because not every tribe is defined by blood. The Latin translates "I'd rather have cake".
Symbolism explained πŸ‘‡

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