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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

Impressive sky today.

Strahlender Himmel und Saftgrün sind gut fürs Gemüt nach dem langen Winter.

"Sam? Samantha??? Samanthaaaaa??!!!*"

*because of the comedian... I'm seeing myself out...

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Der CCC Stuttgart formuliert sehr gute Forderungen an den Koalitionsvertrag zwischen CDU und B90/Grüne in Baden-Württemberg. Darunter: Digitale Souveränität durch den Ausstieg aus proprietärer Software, Datenschutz für Innovation nutzen, mehr Freie Software an Schulen.

#CCC #Stuttgart #Politik #BaWü #CDU #Gruene #FreieSoftware #OER #DigitaleSouveränität #Datenschutz

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I'm doing a Kickstarter! This is running for the whole month of May, if you want a little enamel Korok for your jacket it's your lucky day.

Vaccination, Positive 

Mum got her shot today.
She insisted on presenting her doctor with herbal salt specifically ordered from South Tyrol as a gift.
That woman. 🤣
Both parents vaccinated now. :da_boogie:

Rediscovering . It's been a few years, but a friend of a friend offered a converted camera for next to nothing, so I couldn't say no.

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A huge archive of freely available art history courses that were originally curated by Boundless, including quiz files, lecture slides, and EPUBs.

Want to learn about Romanesque art, Africa in the modern period, or maybe a little about art in Japan after 1333CE? Dive in :D

Bryophyta + sunset + spray bottle = the only kind of outdoor fun you can get on a Friday evening these days.

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(1/3) Ich darf über diese LucaApp-Geschichte echt nicht zu lange nachdenken. Ich hab jetzt über 6 Jahre ein StartUp™ im Gesundheitsbereich mit aufgebaut. Und ja, oft war die Versuchung groß, etwas nicht ganz sauber zu machen, um ein Feature schneller "fertigzustellen" oder etwas zu verkaufen, was wir noch gar nicht können. Aber obwohl es oft unklar war, ob die Firma nächsten Monat die Miete noch bezahlen kann, habe ich mich immer dagegen gewehrt.

Does "some kind of alien looking " count as ? (Serious question, not wanting to spam the #)

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Compensating for not being able to travel by going through old photographs. These are from a trip to Chartres in 2019. That light was amazing. I miss gothic architecture so much. Most stuff around here is Baroque.

Snow again. In April. Well, let's make the most of it. Moving atmosphere and steam power in the shape of a lovely narrow-gauge railway from 1929.

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New Zealand photo studies
~1.5hr each

Photos by Jenn Ravenna Tran
Foliage brushes by Devin Elle Kurtz

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covid, quotation 

Patton Oswalt: "When the polio vaccine dropped in 1955 people lined up to get it, & we were 2 years away from artificial satellites. Now in 2021 we carry external world-brains in our pockets & there’s robots on Mars and idiots think the COVID vaccine is full of wizard poison."

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Attention people of Europe: A recent update to "weather" introduced a hay fever bug in some installations so we decided to roll back to the last stable release "winter".

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