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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

an abstract butterfly background/wallpaper. Made with Apophysis, Free for personal use. Spread your wings.

New study. Changed colours in photoshop, because the originals didn't habe much impact.

I wonder... is anybody else here super into or ?
This is my haul from this weeks exkursion to Solnhofen (Bavaria), where the first Archeopteryx was discovered. Found just some Comatulida, a tiny sea urchin and a bit of fossilised poo - nothing to write home about - but spent a wonderful day out.

Oh no. Forgot a 'y'. Damn you, second language. πŸ˜…

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Why Pluto is the most aro-ace object of the solar system. An elaborated illustration of
Birdsite/@soundsfakepod's Ep 24.

Made some designs. Free for personal use. If you want them printed on stuff, use the redbubble in my bio.

Completely forgot about those. πŸ™ˆ Goodbye cards with best wishes for their future to my art students leaving school after getting their (belated) A-Levels in July.
Those kitties are copycats of one of my sketches.

Something different and abstract to relax. Pen art patterns to be scanned for digital art, scrapbooking and self made xmas papercrafts. Anybody interested in high res scans? I don't mind sharing.
P.S.: The right one is inspired by Jomon pottery, which is why it might look a bit Shieka.

So we turned around in the other direction and had a look at Zeus and his lovers.

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Went comet hunting with a friend on Tuesday. We wanted to get a picture of the ISS crossing 's tail, but that didn't work out.

Back on the horse on last week. Sketching facial expressions. Have a look if you are interested: [Ger/Eng]

Getting back into drawing after those last stressful months.

Just playing a bit in . Really have to practice some more. I used to be better at this :(
Still. If anybody likes this mastodon, it's fair use.

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This is among the most important media files I have saved on my computer.

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a year ago today i wrote a thing on facebook about how i was ashamed of my internalized homophobia making me so i could never go to a pride and vowed to go to one this year

as it turned out pride this year was a very different animal, but one that seems to be more properly ridding itself of rainbow capitalism and accepting that pride didn’t just start as a riot, it still is one we need to fight. pride was started by black trans people and until all of us are free, none of us are.

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And now, if you're looking for heart designs to wear, you can check out my shop!

I've got my Drippy Heart design in several flag colors, on t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, hoodies, and even face masks! Plus, you can get the designs on stickers!

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