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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

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This is among the most important media files I have saved on my computer.

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a year ago today i wrote a thing on facebook about how i was ashamed of my internalized homophobia making me so i could never go to a pride and vowed to go to one this year

as it turned out pride this year was a very different animal, but one that seems to be more properly ridding itself of rainbow capitalism and accepting that pride didn’t just start as a riot, it still is one we need to fight. pride was started by black trans people and until all of us are free, none of us are.

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And now, if you're looking for heart designs to wear, you can check out my shop!

I've got my Drippy Heart design in several flag colors, on t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, hoodies, and even face masks! Plus, you can get the designs on stickers!

Wow. Thank you all for adding me!
I'm still alive and reading here, however work's currently a nightmare due to pandemic reasons. So currently no energy for creativity. Hopefully this will change soon.

Colour pencil lip tutorial made for my advanced class.
This is a quick and dirty sketching vid put together to help current needs for remote teaching, not a masterclass. So it's far from perfect.

#coronavirus, could be considered both funny and disconcerting, not about toilet paper 

Just went for a walk in my deserted neighbourhood. Had an involutary cough.
A little girl 50m far away drew her collar over her face and ran away.
So this is how it feels to be a killer clown.

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Staying inda house. Keeping those safe who need it. Power and blessings to all who are fighting this on the front lines.

[Another try at portraying aroace people :asexual_flag: ]
Sue is a 19 year old Parisian who loves reading and writing about power dynamics, sex, LGBTQIA+ identities & issues and minority representation.
Her identity is holistic, more than a puzzle of labels like Muslim, Black, , , cisgender woman.

A just for fun drawing of a racoon meme. Will probably use it to papercraft 'f*** you' greeting cards when in the mood.

Been working on a few concepts reimagining ancient Central European mythology.
This one is about vampiristic tendencies attributed to insects, especially butterflies and moths. Those were thought to be dead spirits returning to leech on life essence (like lapping nectar or milk).

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Made a video of yesterday's speed drawing. The evolution of an angry owl meme in twelve minutes.

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In other news, the spores from silver ferns can give you some pretty gnarly temporary tattoos 🌿

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Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

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My friend gave some feedback, some very minor tweaks but pushes it a lot more ( basically handle the atmosphere better)

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