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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

I love those little buggers. And will be very very cross if we don't get to see them again in .

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"For Exposure (You Love What You Do, So Do It For Free)"
Every creator of art, music, design, writing has to battle with the conception that a) you do what others do as a hobby so it must be FUN, right? b) if it's fun, it isn't REAL work, c) getting paid for fun things is optional.
Creative people need to live and eat, too. And the creative process may be fun at times, but requires hard and constant work beyond what can be called recreational.

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okay well if boosts mean people are down I'd love to do pride stuff. if you just want an icon with any non-ace/aro flag in the background I'll do em for $8, or if you want an ace/aro flag it'll only be $6 bc I'm out here to support my fellow aspecs :heart_sp_ace: :heart_sp_demi: :heart_sp_demiro: :heart_sp_pride:

if u need an example I'll make one tonight

Finished struggling with this. Had enough.
Translation from German: "Thit." "Haha!"

Made a youtube-tutorial for anybody interested in building these paper balls. Link to download templates included.

Have fun and happy !

Chameleon drawn in black gel pen. WIP from today's Twitch life drawing session. To be continued tomorrow.
Chamäleon in schwarzem Kuli. Zwischenergebnis der heutigen Livedrawing session auf Twitch. Morgen dann weiter.

Just finished my first stream on twitch. Three hours of paper folding and chatting with friendly strangers. Thank you all. :da_bounce:
Vorhin erstmals auf twitch gestreamt. Drei Stunden Papierfalten und ein paar echt nette Gespräche mit Wildfremden. :da_w00t:

I made some pride flowers and let them float.
Happy Friday and fucking GO VOTE!!!!111

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DM if you are on the aro-ace spectrum and interested in joining this art project.

Hensly Joy is from Mindanao, Philippines. Even as a kid, she always knew she was different, never fantasizing over her crushes and finding the idea of sex odd and awkward. She's a pround lithromantic in a conservative country where LGBTQ+ is not fully supported.

Belated to my friends and everybody on here observing the holy month. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you.
(Wallpaper made by me free for personal use. Enjoy.)

Currently reading a book on German mythology. Reprint of a work from 1898.
Truly thrilling on a etymological and sociocultural level.
But take a sip of wine for each racist and/or sexist interpretation made by the author and you're off your tits reaching chapter 2.
(Note: This is already a revised edition from 1990 with the worst stuff cut out).

Victoria is from Pennsylvania. Finding out about being was life changing for her, but is still complicated after surviving sexual trauma. She is thankful for finding a place she feels comfortable in.

Thank you so much for the collaboration, @gingerrroot! 💜

To honour their ancestors, Romulus + Remus and the 🐺 (=lupa), fields were annointed with the blood of a freshly weaned puppy. Young priests of the cult ran through the city, clothed only in thongs cut from from the skin of freshly sacrificed goats and threw the rest it it around. Women wishing for a child to be struck and therefore blessed with fertility.
Somehow the church disapproved and banned the festival 5th cent AD. 🤷
Pity. 2/2

Not into Valentine's Day? How about an alternative?
LUPERCALIA has zombies, streakers in leader thongs and dead puppies!

Ok, the last one might be a turn-off, but hear me out:
Every year Feb 13th-15th ancient Romans performed a ritual spring cleaning rite to expell bad spirits and plead for fertility. One year they forgot and the spirit of their ancestors rose to haunt them till it was rectified. 1/2

Hitler, art, abuse/incest, capitalism (yes, all of those, really) 

Found this on my HD. Taken 2017 in Rome.
The Ancients sure loved their cats. Each of these tiny little stones is under 5mm.
(Mosaic from 200-150 BC. Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome) belated

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