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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

Currently proofreading a friend's thesis on STIs and their curative treatment in medieval Central Europe.
Can highly recommend the subject to assist weight loss programs, because I've completely lost my appetite.

Don't get me wrong. I love digital media and couldn't do without myself. But if it causes you to lose your connection to physical materials and senses other than sight, the price of mastery is too high. 2/2

Almost all my young students love to work with clay. Many older students hate to work with clay. As in: really, really HATE it. This phenomenon has become even more pronounced lately.
I think it has to do with modern technology, which lets you shape and reverse anything as you see fit. Something doesn't work? Ctrl+Z it!
Clay doesn't work like that. You have to respect its limits and it will punish you if you against it. 1/2

20 minute sketches of a deer skull for tomorrow's class about volume and lines.
Made in tonight's stream.
(CW for morbid stuff??? Just to be sure)

Derpy demon chicken that came out of tonight's stream. It's based on a local myth from my home region .

*finished. πŸ™ˆ
God, it's Friday...

Fished a microbe illustration. That was a really fun and relaxing thing to do. Colour versions coming...

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In love with this sketch and sculpture of men shoveling chairs that, as it turns out is based on a pun for a form of punishment


Nishka is from from Mumbai, India. She loves reading and is a pop culture enthusiast who listens to indie rock and pop. Finding out about her ace identity has made her feel valid and she is no different than others.

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Fascinating stuff, really glad FemFreq is keeping record of stuff like this.
What is good is that increasingly the player is given the choice of what gender their character will be.
Bad is that within the bubble of characters with set gender, men are dominating and things haven't improved over the years.

Another thing that is somewhat sad is that there is virtually no progression on the violent vs. non-violent scale. This is in fact the worst year so far with only 15%.

"May the universe rain down blessings on your dumb arse."
Done. No more drawing fur, please.

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*BAMF!* One of my favourite X-Men for . Inked during tonight's twitch session.

Portrait of an old man for inktober, gel pen on paper, ~2hrs
See the whole process on :
(CW: me drinking alcohol afterwards and private talks with community members in German during).

"You are the good kind of evil."
Birthday card for that special person everybody should have in their lifes. That owl is a print of a ballpoint/ink drawing.

[Reposting this from birdsite's @asexualjournal, because I'd really like this project to happen.
Please consider supporting it]

"So much of our lives are occupied with responding to settler colonial capitalist systems of violence, including sexual, romantic, and gendered expectations.
You can fund a book here which discusses how and why we should end the pursuit:"

Starting with a German expletive. "arse with ears" is used to describe an arrogant jerk.
May also be used affectionately among friends as a term of endearment. 🀣
(CW for nude backside)

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