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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

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I refuse to wash my desk until I'm done inking. All these stains feel like an artifact of my experience over the last year.

And sometimes the almost setting sun comes out of the haze to provide nice backlighting. :) .
Wallpapers available for Patrons.

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Sometimes you can being stuff home with you to shoot with artificial light, if natural light conditions are boring.

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Just noticed yesterday what the first *nktober prompt was. Arghhh. It would have been sooo fitting for something I'm working on. If only Jake Parker wasn't the person he is.
Well, looking forward to 's Fiendish Familiar Week now...

More . Also in (which tends to look a bit disappointing, because usually there's not enough contrast between direct and indirect light to make IR-macros work).

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And sooo many hunting trophies. Dead animals all over the place. Poor polar bear. (CW for taxidermy)

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Drawing room that looks prestigious at first glance, but have a closer look...
Cheap oil paintings. And yes, that's Mao's Little Red Book on the antique sideboard (dunno how it got there). Nice floor, though.

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Last week I got the chance to get inside a tiny local castle that's usually closed off to the public. We got a tour by the baron himself and ... well ... behold what tiny 18th century principalities put their meager coins in to compensate their inferiority complex. Feudalism sucks on so many levels.

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#Mastodon wo gabs die gleich nochmal ?
Sind zum ausschneiden hinstellen aufhängen als #Deko und #Werbung #Weinachtsbaumschmuck.

Auch alle anderen #fediverse #Maskotchen die sollen am Stand #SpielTheater auf der #BitsundBäume22 zum Gespräch anregen.

Bitte um Zusendung hier oder bitte mitbringen zur #Konferenz. Last und den #Kosmos hier sichtbar, begreifbar machen. Danke für eure #Unterstützung, #Hilfe!

Lucky shot that looks photoshopped, but isn't. Especially that bird photobomb.

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de / Grundsteuererklärung, rant, no advice pls 

Welcher verf***te Sadist hat sich diesen K*** ausgedacht?! Ich will diese Stunde Lebenszeit zurück. Dem obersten Prozent sollte verboten werden, das an Steuerberatung oder Angestellte auszusourcen. Sie sollten jeden Splitter ihrer verdammten Immobilienportfolios eigenhändig eintragen müssen. Eigentum verpflichtet und so.

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RT @PaulineBruenger
Ich glaube @Luisamneubauer und @UlrichSchneider haben hier einen der besten und wichtigsten Texte über Soziales, Klima und Energiekrise geschrieben, den ich bis jetzt gelesen habe.

For those who like succulents here are some close-ups from my Mum's garden. Such relaxing plants.

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I discovered this insanely instructive video on digital painting and brushwork. I painted along and learned a whole new workflow from this one. I'm really looking forward to experiment further with this!

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