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Have you ever wanted me to draw things for you? Well now you pay me to do so!
My commissions are open and I'd love to draw your Characters! Or do a portrait of your cute face! Pretty much whatever you want

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My name is Exy! i'm a Comic artist and Animator and I love DnD and Spiders. You can find my portfolio and contact info at www.aethercrayons.ca

I make a webcomic called Misadventures in HRT which is an autobiographical comic series about my life as a trans girl.

I also make other comics, i'm currently finishing up a comic about a humorous situation at my previous DnD session. as well as another comic called Gossamer which is a story of a girlfriend bringing home her girlfriend to meet her family for dinner and gosh it does not go well.

I love making comics and I hope you love them too!

doodle of an npc from today that went through hell, her name is Lupe

lil cute doodle from today's session.
I got love on the mind~

Clip Studio is on sale so I decided to try and switch over from Photoshop to clip studio like i've been wanting to do for forever now.

I don't have a lot of time to play with it today but I did a quick sketch of Aura to try it out and I like it so far!

I'm excited to finish this but it'll be a few days, a lot of colour work, and I'm busy the next few days as well.

I spent Valentines day drawing my favourite girl out on her first date with her new boyfriend Chem. AND THEIR FIRST KISS. Holly is so adorable, I love her

....I just really wanted to draw this and valentine's day was the perfect excuse. My boys Caleb and Simon.

I love Árelía and Millicent so much. two genasi gals married and enjoying their lives together (At least until their hometown was laid under siege)


I love Árelía and Millicent so much. two genasi gals married and enjoying their lives together (At least until their hometown was laid under siege)

The other players were heart broken enough that they wanted to help Millicent save Árelía's soul from the shadowfell.

And now we have a story hook everyone's super invested in, and I get to play as Millicent while we go on a long perilous quest to save Árelía's soul. She's going to save her handsome little knight from an eternity of horrors from an evil patron of the shadowfell.

The final scene we roleplayed as we fled the ruined town hit me and the rest of the players hard, the DM almost cried too.
Árelía finished her business in the mortal world and her body started to turn to ash.
Millicent watched Árelía die before her very eyes twice in two weeks, as well as losing their home.

Bright side is this moment became the next plot hook for the story.

She was allowed to come back to the mortal world as a Revenant to save Millicent, and get revenge on the man who executed her. she was even given all the powers of a hexblade warlock to do it.

But in exchange, her soul would forever belong to her patron after her business was finished. as well as the souls of the people she cut down with her eldritch power.

I knew how this had to end, I knew she couldn't stay with Millie the whole time. still broke my heart in the end though

But there was something the other players at the table didn't know. Àrelía actually died in the initial attack, executed in front of her wife Millicent for daring to raise a weapon to the enemy invaders.

Her soul was unable to move onto the after life because she failed to keep her promise to always protect Millicent, and an evil force from the shadow fell took advantage of her lost soul by making a pact with her.

So, today's session was a heart breaker. The story hook was that we were in the town of Lothoras town which was under siege by enemy soldiers from another province. Which was the home of my gay genasi gals Árelía and Millicent.

I was playing Árelía as she was on a mission to save her wife Millicent from prison after she got captured in the initial attack. Árelía failed to protect her from harm and she had to get her back by any means.

HOLLY AND CHEM ARE OFFICIALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP. Holly is now Chem's girlfriend, they kissed, it was SO GOOD.
(I'm going to draw them kissing REAL soon trust me)

*whispering* ᶫᵉˢᵇᶦᵃᶰˢ

"draw Millicent playing viola Exy"
"it won't be too hard Exy you can do it" *wheezing*
It's super rewarding to see this start coming together though.
It's not done yet though, this is part of a full body piece with her wife Árelía so look forward to that when it's done!! also @rinvenieris LOOK AT THE CUTIE.

I tried something new that I’ve never done before, lineless art. I really like to results too! Árelía looks so good lineless. I think I’ll make more lineless art in the future.