time to visit Guzgos proper

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INKTOBER is coming

this year, to motivate my ass a bit more, i'm offering small, quick ink drawings to anyone who signs up as a $2+/mo patron OR buys me a ko-fi.

you can give me a little prompt for the drawing when you pledge, or afterward and i will draw it! on paper (2.5" x 3.5" bristol)! with real ink!

if you'd like, you can toss me a little more and i'll mail it to you when i complete them.



i haven't done much upload worthy art that i can post lately so here's a pocket-sized anyanis


Hey .artists! I'm in a good mood this morning so I wanna spread the vibe,

Reply with some art you're proud of and I'll tell you what I like about it/your style! All forms of art welcome! :bear_hugs: There will be no negative feedback or unwanted critique.

@Ellteo here's some pieces i'm particularly proud of. a little sampler of fanart, original work and a commission

fedi suggestion:

if you are seeking an artist to commission, consider using #lookingforartist as a tag for that

if you're looking for artist submissions to zines and similar projects, maybe use #callforart

artists of the fedi, consider making a tab just for those tags so you can easily browse for opportunities

search on here works best with hashtags so it'll make things easier for everyone

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in Rahndil societies, reverence and worship of the dead is a common practice. ashturners cultivate a relationship with the deceased by conducting funerary rites, tending to bodies, performing cremations and caring for the ashes of the dead.

through this communion, they are able to become a living conduit through which the power, wisdom and strength of fallen kin and heroes is channeled from beyond.

tattoos are applied ritualistically and only appear when channeling.

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feeling generous so here's a version with hastily drawn clothes, but the full, final drawing is gonna be totally nude and nsfw and only up on my patreon and patron-only AD: @xxxinks


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i know it's been a bit since the last update, but i was redoing a bunch of stuff on his page that i wasn't happy with.

finally, we're movin' on to the big city to see what all the commotion is about

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did i mention skona is thicc af?

cw: drawn non-lewd nude - not explicit

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you can also tell me what you don't like, it's all good, just validate me ty

Heido is Skona's husband. Child of a Guzgos politician and his mistress, Heido's always been kept at arm's length by his father. He tends to be anxious often.

An academic, Heido's spent most of his life exploring the darker things, causing conflicts with his peers and superiors, who consider his studies to be blasphemy or illegal.

After being banished from the local university, he devoted his time to The Red Room, a group somewhere between a cult and a resistance cell.

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Skomori (aka Skona to her family and friends) is my oldest #OC and got grandfathered into my comic.

She's a Rahndil (my race of batpeople), a MILF, and the ashturner of her clan: a sort of shaman. an incident occurs that strips her of her abilities before the start of the comic.

She's married to Heido, has two kids with him: Akra & Avamo. she and her brother, Vodra, have a strained relationship with their father, Bitabu, who sits on the council of their community.

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Things are starting to quiet down a bit after the initial influx of users

Remember to follow the people who's art you really enjoy! Don't worry about how many people follow you vs how many people you follow (You can actually hide this in your preferences!)

Scroll through the local timeline to see what everyone is up to and to look for more artists to connect to! I've seen people here interact with artists they're fans of, there's no need to fear, just say hi!

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