this is an example of what the bat adopts/base i'm working on will be like. a little less cartoony, gonna do a variety of bat types, some real, some less real


once, i put my OC in elegant gothic lolita for no reason and it looked really good

#mastoart #oc

ok so here's that #baturday surprise i mentioned

i've ordered stickers of this and if they turn out well and i can get suitable shipping supplies, i'll offer them to you, my pals~

i know baturday is tomorrow, but i have something else reserved for that.

here's the full ref sheet for mori, my batsona. :mori:

#mastoart #furryart

what's the proper way to comment on an artist's work?

(this is a joke; don't assume all artists like this kind of feedback)

closest thing to a lewd you're gettin' from me is drawings so

old art: tattoo flash commissions from years and years ago. done in ink and prismacolor markers or pencils on bristol

420 YCH Avatar Commissions

:cannabis_leaf: $20 USD
:cannabis_leaf: Any species
:cannabis_leaf: Limited time! Only open until 4/20

:cannabis_leaf: Reserve a slot (PayPal):

:cannabis_leaf: Reserve a slot (Commissio):

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