gonna try this on here since i'll prolly have better luck than twitter

mufos only plz, drop refs in comments. lemme know if you're gonna do it too so i can toss refs at you.

artstation is rolling out its own print service

i still need to edit a bunch of pieces to fit their size guidelines but here's one piece that's ready to go


a small primer on my fursonas:

Gomi - a melanistic, nonbinary goth tanuki what smokes weed, drinks coffee and collects bones [they/them]

Sheena - a vaporwave hyena forever stuck in a neon 80s fever dream [she/they]

Stolas - 36th spirit of the Ars Goetia; Great Prince of Hell, presents as a monstrous owl with cat features [any pronouns]

fanart of noah from blanco, by @CBWebb

i've wanted to draw him forever; his design is so unique in an understated, realistic way and he was so much fun to render

knocking the dust off my commiss.io account if anyone prefers to use that to commission/support/buy art


Sheep adoptable for sale~

$25 gets you the fullsized art

Reply or DM with your email and I'll send you an invoice (paypal)

🐑 You can edit/alter the design as you please
🐑 I prefer you don't resell for profit
🐑 Please don't remove my signature from the original art

#furryart #adoptables #mastoart

noticing a lot of people getting sick recently (myself & fam included), so i made a #sigil to help us all get through this

feel free to use this sigil and share it. the more use it gets, the more powerful it becomes. (credit is appreciated)

Got some new notepads for work and went ahead and sigil'd em up.

I'll charge them as I start using them.

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