@fragamacrunch it's the webcomic project i'm working on with my partner @RedCeres

it's called an ember turned flame. you can read a short prologue/teaser segment. i'm still working on building a page buffer before i upload more to the site since pages take a while to do.


@extinct @RedCeres thank you so much for sharing! It’s awesome to see, and it’s looking rad as hell. I’m excited to see the full thing!

@fragamacrunch @RedCeres i'm glad it piques your interest! i'll be posting regular little peeks at progress and news on updates as they're ready. i wish i could produce content faster, but that's how it is on this bitch of an earth

@extinct This guy is a full conversion cyborg if anyone is curious about whats going on with him. He's like an old veteran thats reliant on an old shell* that has been modified for this purpose.

*Term for the power armor/light mechs in the story.

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