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Call me extinct. I'm enby [they/them], and I've been a full-time illustrator and comic artist for a couple of decades now.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw fanart, furry, and smut sometimes.

Main: @extinct

i haven't posted a lot of art lately because it didn't feel like a good time and also due to personal mental health reasons

but here's a skona posing with her/their kashye (the spectral chain, derived from the pomo word for rope, "kashi")

#mastoart #oc


:bat2: $25 each
:bat_halloween: Do whatever you want with the design you purchase
:batbat: Full res PSD and PNG of the design when you purchase

use this handy form to claim:

#adoptables #mastoart #furryart

would gift certificates/vouchers for commissions be a cool thing?

like either a dollar amount or just like "good for one shaded chibi"?

cw - big wasp face 

wip of a big commission project i'm plugging away at


$20 USD

Any character
Any gender
Any species
Furry and non-Furry 🆗

These will be open through February 2020!



:patreon: :patreon:

#mastoart #fediart #furryart #ych #commissionme #artistforhire #creativetoots

been a while since i did anything for #inktober but here's the best i've been able to manage since i got hit with yet another roaming virus of one sort or another

also basically how i've felt the last couple of days

#mastoart #creativetoots #furryart


In celebration, Beach City's mascot is dressing up until November! Thank you @extinct for doing this commission!

miss images on .social feel like shit i just wanna see memes again

i bought a fake pumpkin to customize and spent the evening doing that

you can see what i was up to (and lots more) by becoming a patron~


first proper #inktober piece i did yesterday to test out how my new sketchbook handles graphite, ink, and marker

all my inktober pieces are going up on patreon before they go public and some will only be on patreon (NSFW)


#mastoart #creativetoots

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