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i've been given the ok to share a preview of my piece for the upcoming #dorohedoro streetwear zine :shin:

cw - blood

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time to start my #artfight 2020 thread

first attack is actually a sort-of revenge against crowfangs for an attack i got at the very end of the event last year that i didn't have time to respond to

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suikawari (スイカ割り) is a summertime tradition of hitting watermelons with a stick or pole to crack them open to eat and enjoy.

you may have seen it in a beach episode of your favorite anime.

$35 USD

🍉 Any species! Any outfit!
🍉 Human or anthro OK!
🍉 One character only!
🍉 Background is included (I will not edit the background or scene)!

reserve a slot~



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i haven't posted a lot of art lately because it didn't feel like a good time and also due to personal mental health reasons

but here's a skona posing with her/their kashye (the spectral chain, derived from the pomo word for rope, "kashi")

#mastoart #oc

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