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Call me extinct. I'm NB [they/them], and I've been a full-time illustrator and comic artist for a couple of decades now.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw smut and fanart now and then.

Main: @extinct

bitching about being an artist under capitalism/patreon changes:

not super enthused about this new patreon creator plan bs. they seem to be aiming all their effort at courting absurdly popular podcasters, youtubers and twitch streamers and have forgotten about the bulk of their creator base - poor ass artists and makers who need a little extra change each month to stay afloat.

someday, maybe there'll be a truly viable alternative. someday.

i found an old lewd pinup sketch on my tablet that has potential so i'm redrawing it (with the clockwood pencil brush by @FRENDEN )

full sketch up in my patreon/kofi subscriber-exclusive AD channel on my discord :blobshh:

Dealing with a headache since Friday, so I stayed off the computer, but felt like drawing abs

fanart of sonic doing drugs Show more

curious to know what really sticks out for y'all in my art and makes it recognizable as mine

another one, this time for my brother in law @/thesteelshep over on twet

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🌱 $20 USD
🌱 Furry OR Non-Furry OK!
🌱 Unlimited slots

Use this form (PayPal):

OR purchase via commissio:

#mastoart #furryart #furry #commissions #digitalart

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